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  1. I voted to keep metro cause it's pretty neat, cairo to get removed, no need to explain why as it has been stated numerous times already and mines; I haven't played it yet, so holding vote.
  2. We need a BunkersTS marathon with undestructible buildings and beacon off
  3. So I see ross has that unique God-sent talent of deciding who is a good mod and who not without even knowing those persons. And also to correct an entire plenty-years-of-experience staff about a mod application and tell us we were not fair. We should all listen to this gift sent from heaven to us, we are blessed. Wtf is black eagle LOL, this made my day
  4. Water boils at 100 °C I'm gud :v
  5. LOL so cute
  6. Happy birthday display!!!
  7. Adding "my name is elena petrova" as a replacement for the boink... Inc ear-rape
  8. Hey speedr
  9. I'd also like a dark skin, and maybe a customisable background image, but idk if it's possible.
  10. Please get rid of AVG and you will be a happy person Welcome btw :v
  11. He clearly said that it's a problem when a couple of buildings are down. Of course that at the start etc, an APC is a great weapon to use to block air so Nod can't get vehs out, but good luck stopping apcs without ref and barr/pp.
  12. did he just say under is a cool map
  13. Need !maditsme
  14. The 10 second is indeed ridiculous. To whoever thinks it's not, join the game when there are 30+ players and try to get the sound u like going when 10 others are typing their own as well. 10 seconds is way too much. Whoever disagrees use the fucking !disablesound and thats it, theres no reason why the sound lovers should be as disadvantaged as we are right now.