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  1. pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. @shaitan do you still have these? they are corrupted!
  3. @dronez4 No more wisdom left? :P

    1. dronez4


      got the top right one out :p

  4. lol I guess that'll do for now :P
  5. Oh that's no problem. Small request, if I donate 100 can i get a special script made in game. !KOmanuel? Auto KO if he's in the way.. lol
  6. Lol... They must like your pic!

  7. Hey all. Just thought i'd post a topic about the mine limit. I have been hearing other's in game say it'll be real handy if the mine limit was 60 instead of 50! I happen to agree, it just falls a bit short on most maps. I think 60 is a fair limit. What does everyone think? I have been playing rene since it came out and most servers i played in the past like Cloud have a limit of 120 ( although 120 is a bit of a stretch) I think if enough people want 60 it might happen! Cheers everyone :D
  8. lol... but you always don't end up with team mates who help you defend ;-;
  9. lol... chaos!
  10. Haha no, I'm in sydney. Figure of speech, for these yankies and all :P
  11. gowai you!
  12. so 51 then? :P
  13. Interesting, I understand all your points. Now ima go hide under a rock in the outback. *Shakes phist @ players that wanted it and didn't comment* LOL