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  1. boobs
  2. true. I think the way it is now is fine. don't fix what aint broke!
  3. no worries, sorry wasn't much this month. will try to donate more following months :)
  4. happy b'day bad gurl!!!

    1. bad2gurlz


      Thanks Sappy!!

    2. mdogg1108


      Happy Birthday gurlz 2 bad.

    3. bad2gurlz


      thanks mate

  5. it's a game, it should be fun..... if you cant be civil and enjoy then don't get on the net, and don't play games! need to grow up
  6. @bad2gurlz I agree with badgirl. No need to call him fag or loser. There shouldn't be any name calling period! We are all adults here and should treat each other with respect. In real life we wouldn't act or say these things (I hope) it should be exactly the same on the internet and gaming. That goes for anyone, including headshot, as he has swore and treated people with disrespect in the past (myself included). This is why wittebolx and cloud-zone failed, because it became the culture to insult people and create a negative environment, do we want rencorner to end up like that? I know I don't
  7. I've played rene using my mobile 4g connection couple of weeks ago, USB tethered. My cable net was down for most of the day. I have 20gig limit. I played for a few hours barely used 150mb
  8. That way can heal your tank on exit as there is no reload for that, but will effect rail / pic and not the tank
  9. true, I agree. Nerf the toon not the tank :D
  10. pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    2. TDxSAP
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      NOOOO DONT BE A SAD PANDA!!! :( always happy! :D

    4. TDxSAP
  11. @shaitan do you still have these? they are corrupted!
  12. @dronez4 No more wisdom left? :P

    1. dronez4


      got the top right one out :p

  13. lol I guess that'll do for now :P
  14. Oh that's no problem. Small request, if I donate 100 can i get a special script made in game. !KOmanuel? Auto KO if he's in the way.. lol
  15. Lol... They must like your pic!