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  1. pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. @shaitan do you still have these? they are corrupted!
  3. @dronez4 No more wisdom left? :P

    1. dronez4


      got the top right one out :p

  4. lol I guess that'll do for now :P
  5. Oh that's no problem. Small request, if I donate 100 can i get a special script made in game. !KOmanuel? Auto KO if he's in the way.. lol
  6. Lol... They must like your pic!

  7. lol... but you always don't end up with team mates who help you defend ;-;
  8. lol... chaos!
  9. Haha no, I'm in sydney. Figure of speech, for these yankies and all :P
  10. gowai you!
  11. so 51 then? :P
  12. Interesting, I understand all your points. Now ima go hide under a rock in the outback. *Shakes phist @ players that wanted it and didn't comment* LOL
  13. Hey all. Just thought i'd post a topic about the mine limit. I have been hearing other's in game say it'll be real handy if the mine limit was 60 instead of 50! I happen to agree, it just falls a bit short on most maps. I think 60 is a fair limit. What does everyone think? I have been playing rene since it came out and most servers i played in the past like Cloud have a limit of 120 ( although 120 is a bit of a stretch) I think if enough people want 60 it might happen! Cheers everyone :D