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  1. SAP


    good call!
  2. SAP

    Don't burn the house down

    he means rolex
  3. SAP

    DRAM price fixing

    if this is true they should be held accountable! these are already global multi billion dollar companies! How much more they want? Get em!
  4. SAP

    remove PIMP MINES

    but what if there is a pimp, and he plays renegade, and mines? I think you should change the name to, Madam mines... :P
  5. that sounds good!
  6. SAP


    welcome back fuzzball!
  7. SAP

    What's your speeds!

  8. SAP

    What's your speeds!

    My bad manny. Damn vult. 1000/300. Me wanty!!
  9. SAP

    Renegade Staff Addition

    Welcome geist!!!
  10. SAP

    What's your speeds!

    Hey all. past month or so recently cancelled my cable internet, it was shockingly bad! and changed to a 4g service! I have a 4g modem USB tethered to my Asus router. These are the speeds I'm getting through speedtest either on windows 10 app, or phone with 5ghz wifi Post your speeds!
  11. SAP

    Whats your name

    Jurious, or George in english
  12. SAP

    New donation from raven

    lol bird lost $10
  13. :beerrrr::joker::lmfaox2:


  14. lol. ask delu I die first few mins too! longest I went was 15!
  15. SAP

    2018-03-23 Birthdays

    happy b'day all! :D