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  1. Thx
  2. 1.) Ryan Doyle 2.) My only username is GamerGuy941 3.) DOB: 8/18/2004 Age: 12 4.) I have been playing this server on a regular basis for about 5 months 5.) 3/21/17 6.) I have both IRC and Teamspeak, and I'm more skilled in IRC than Teamspeak. 7.) I am an experienced mod and I was on staff on the server, but unfortunately it shut down. 8.) I am a 3d animator, game coder, and mega Minecraft player, hoping to gain more experience. 9.) Minecraft was released in 2010 and I have been playing since 2011. 10.) No, but I was muted because when I was new the only reason I went on was because I had friends who played BedWars with me, and then I actually played on the server and it's awesome. 11.) Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Available from about 5:00 to 6:00 and 8:00 to 10:00. 12.) I would help work more on the BedWars we're adding to the server and help create Games that people would come to play. 13.) No 14.) I have experience coding Java and some Command Prompt experience 15.) I have experience with plugins from when I was creating a server and I was working with the following plugins: ClearLag, GiantTrees, HolographicDisplays, Hub, HungerGamesMapGenerator, MultiWorld, CreativeGates, TreeAssist, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard. I hope you consider accepting my application!
  3. Name: Ryan Place: USA Username: GamerGuy941 Age: 34 Recommended by RyanMansi101 Found through friend on Hypixel Also play Terraria Playing Minecraft for 6 Years