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  1. lumberking

    help me with X

    Just discovered your post, may be able to help you with a few upgrades to your old Dell, as I possess a Dell graveyard. Do you think you can successfully change out your cpu for a faster one? Not hard really and there are videos online. If you are interested go here http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html, download the advisor, run the program and send me copy of results. I probably have more RAM and a better video card for you if the specs line up. No charge. Let me know.
  2. lumberking

    entropy's new rig

    Very nice. I doubt if there would be a noticeable difference increasing your RAM any further.
  3. lumberking

    How'd you find Rencorner?!

    A similar story to gumby. We are old n00bless folks and kinda follow each other around, lol.
  4. lumberking

    How old are we on average?

    59 and holding. And I'm prettier than Gumby