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  1. Yeah and everything works fine , no pirated games taken away so far , i've tested puttin them on my ssd too where Windows is installed , nothing , soo idk what those news reports say , also that with piracy is only for games made by Microsoft Studios or something like that like State of Decay and Age of Empires
  2. I have windows 10 and all the information some news report sites say is false , like ,,pirated games'' , microsoft won't disable them , if you choose to do everything by yourself ( there is a little option when you upgrade to win 10 , if you do express install then its over for you.) and the forced updates , it isn't really forced , you can tell him to update when you want or never update or other things.And the taskbar icons are not stuck , you can disable them by going to the settings panel ( I remember I did it last week but I can't remember how) , I don't know why Windows 10 received soo much hate , its a really cool windows , and when I am lonely I can talk to Cortana b*** a** lmao
  3. RIP grandma , 23 octomber 1931-5 may 2015

  4. Solo 550 kills also 500 ping and still 1st place Also I love the RC Objective server , but it lacks a ton of Objective maps , its boring to play 4-6 maps all the time ( also KFO_Haunted-Hotel is made by my friend Mr.RoBoT <3 he teached me how to make maps )
  5. On some pretty good servers I saw that you can't vote for the last 3 maps picked ( I mostly play Objective mode , so idk if that is included in objective but not in normal )
  6. I got that one with Steam must run, its an antivirus block , just exit the antivirus , no need to delete it , then go back to killing floor, and idk about the lag on the server , I have 120-200 lag on the big server and I play fine , try checking if something is downloading in the background?
  7. Welcome to Rencorner!
  8. I made this a while back when I founded the team , I made it in 1 hour using photoshop; would be happy if someone could help us out with the art , this is currently used for our logo in-game , but u can use it as a signature in the forums hah
  9. Madman 84 xD , nub come back to dotah
  10. Hello there , as I am the captain of our team , I will post some info here about the team , I hope G1D can pin this post. Our team name is RenCorner , it consists of 6 members , some of them being bad, some better Aleksandr - me , I play every role. G1D - n00b , git gud , 5/14 pudge , he is a good support and good mid. Icelandic - He lives in Iceland , he is a professional player , over 2000 hours , he is 13 years old , he starts weak but he gets better in late game , pro mid and good lane. Now, let's do a little bio of our team I am a good player , can learn very quickly , ( for g1d : I still hook in fog. ) , I am a good support and tank , my favorite heroes are BB , Spectre, PL , Pudge , SS and others. I play all heroes good , except a few like Meepo , Lone Druid , and others. Currently using MLG gear with Icelandic. G1D - still a nub , good omni and disruptor , he was a good zeus on our last team vs team match. I don't know many about you . Icelandic - Professional player , good kid , he wants to be the best dota 2 player in the world , he is a good dude , likes to flame , he and me use MLG gear. As seen above , our team got really messed up because the bosnian party and because we treat each other like shit , like for real guys , this team needs to be united as a family , not everyone blaming each other, I was so mad , but now things got back , I hope so .... As you can see some of us are using a RC pic for our profile picture , and I would like to see that all our players would use this pic , so we can recognize ourselves better . ( Btw here is the link for the photo )
  11. I got pudge limited edition set, PM me if interested ( its gonna cost u , its limited edition and there were only 180.000 made.)
  12. First m8 , pls git gud n00b. Also welcome to Rencorner 2Dads , I hope you enjoy your stay , and you will be a pro.
  13. Git gud n00b.
  14. I am the captain of our team ~RC|Akrad3s
  15. git on my lvl bruh