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  1. Scruffy's been going out of his way to do so recently. 28th, I should be around. 21st, probably not.
  2. ggs everyone. Each map had a good 10 minutes or so of contesting the field, which is good to see. Just as a note for the future to help with communcation: 1. EVERYONE on the team needs to be on teamspeak. Giving names probably isn't going to help any, but there were several times where someone was called out to do something, they ignored it, I looked down the ts list on my other monitor, and they weren't on.. We can't take the time to type out instructions for you, and their is a lot of useful info to be gathered from listening. Also, when someone on ts says to do something, they're basing their next move on the assumption that, if you don't say negative in return, you are going to do that. 2. If you don't have a microphone or aren't going to talk any, click the mute microphone button on ts so that those of us with setups beyond a 9" laptop screen (CALLING YOU OUT HERE CRUSH) can quickly see that you're not going to say something back. I don't have everyone's voice memorized, but can find a bright dot between muted mics pretty fast. 3. If the refinery has 8 bars and has 1 mrls shooting at it, one person can run to it. However, four people running across the airstrip is a waste of 3 players. Also, any sort of organized war is normally more aggressive and fast-paced than a public game. If your base is still alive, kill yourself in the field instead of running back to base. On most maps, you should be spending credits somewhat close to how fast you get them (excluding base defense entrance camping).
  3. How's that different than the entire last week? At this rate, change the tags to ALifer
  4. Drop me to a maybe. There's a chance I'll be violating my name and having a life that day.
  5. NoLifer1 and Nolifer2 will be there.
  6. I can make it on the 13th. P.S. TOMB
  7. To everyone that doesn't regularly sit on ts with crush: The guy has been raging since helldoom and I went, like, 7-1 in lobby wars on Friday night and each only lost against the other, so it'll be interesting to see how he's doing in a couple days. P.S. fanmaps in a month or so?
  8. ggs people, I would've preferred if people didn't quit after the third map considering we still had tomb to play. After getting shit together in the first few minutes, city flying was good. Peshmerga- If you want to play in a public server, play in a public server. Community wars are about working together, not going off and being rambo on your own. To start with, rather than listen to people on teamspeak and do what we wanted to do AS A TEAM, you're buying mrls and telling the team they should when we have a vehicle limit of 8 with 24 people on the team. Then you drive around in a humvee. To follow that up, you decide to buy a med and put us at the vech limit instead of letting someone else buy a med who has more accurate shooting, better dodging, a pic that can shoot between med shots for extra damage, and actual experience in these types of games, and then basically say it's your med and you'll do what you want instead of going where the team says we need help on teamspeak. Honestly, the mistake in this scenario was letting you play with no intention of listening on teamspeak. P.S. crush lost field by not picking out a player to buy an mrl.
  9. I saw the word document with all the cheaters listed crush! Also, I liked your post as requested. P.S. which server are we playing on?
  10. I want my name in color.
  11. Tomb is the 5th map anyway.
  12. Cool topic bro.
  13. "hey stoned, you're banned, but if you want to play in the mara vs. aow1 match on a different name, I'm cool with it." oh, oops! Put me as a maybe for now... about 50/50.
  14. Also, I have the right to speak on crush's behalf.
  15. best idea ever: back to back comm wars.