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  1. and plus I know how to make a vip app so I wouldnt post on someones elses vip app
  2. maybe its time for a password change
  3. ok what? I didnt write that ive been inactive on forums since now!
  4. This is what happens when i try to get to the funds and redeem my steam gift card. I just got a steam gift card today and i was about to redeem it. Then, my computer started being annoying! Can anybody pls help me. I want to buy Terraria but i can't redeem my gift card code. Pls help me to figure out what's going on. P.S everytime this happens theres like an unlocked lock at the top left side on my search bar. P.S.S It seems to be like this when theres like a profile picture. But Rencorner doesn't get affected somehow.
  5. Well, CONGRATS on updating and I have a few questions. Are there any new commands? Can we rank up from veteran? What can Veteren do? Are you gonna make speaking in game from irc possible? Can you take screenshots of the spawn, olds one army arena and bossarena? Will I ever stop asking questions? anyways I hope the server runs smoothly and that you'll find new players that enjoyed the server as much as I did. I will be getting Terraria shortly. Good Luck!
  6. Please say no.......
  7. Wait a minute..... so all my houses, all the houses players have built will be deleted?
  8. 1) What is your real name? Robert Soh 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well! Nightshroud 3) How old are you? 10 4) What country and region are you from? Australia, WA 5) How long have you been playing Terraria? 1 1/2 year + 6) How did you find our server? searching on the internet for servers 7) How long have you been playing on our server? half year + 8) Why do you want VIP? Because i got demoted from staff for inactivity and im sick of playing with a default tag... P.S can i pls have my ninja rank from AceRs? You can demote AceRs and give AceRs's rank to me pls.
  9. and he has unlimited health!
  10. Its right of /warp hotel2 I think
  11. Annoying when you've played Terraria for the whole day and your laptop bails on you RIP computer u will be remembered as the laptop who bailed:2blowup:

  12. Dbaw u owe me one
  13. Dbaw put ur post in the Terraria VIP section! And use the correct format! U said u read the link I gave u but now I wonder if u actually did.
  14. please ban coolbro and diman4ikchit they grief and spam! spam is mostly diman i tell him over and over but he keeps spamming! THE GRIEFS! and pls warn aihan he griefed the beach house