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  1. pooponu

    2016-05-28 Birthdays

    happy birthday
  2. pooponu

    2016-05-27 Birthdays

    happy birthday
  3. pooponu

    renlist not loading

    thanks guys
  4. pooponu

    renlist not loading

    i went on today and there was a constant loading on renlist heres the pic it just keeps doing this and wont load
  5. I feel like the staff here make fake accounts and trolls on renegade lol just a hunch
  6. pooponu


    wow yeah thats a lot a work i know from experience always doing maintanence although mine didnt keep up to long it was just too much work
  7. pooponu


    hey joe! nothing much just life stuff hbu
  8. pooponu


    just saying hey
  9. pooponu

    Hi I'm "new" haha

    oh and sorry i didnt respond everyone my computer has been gone for some time.
  10. pooponu

    Hi I'm "new" haha

    thanks yeah luckily i didn't drop the soap though well I did once but its not what people imagine it to be. sorry im confused are you gumbo hi yeah the cookies here are pretty good
  11. pooponu

    Happy 1-day-late Birthday Jks101!

    happy belated by 8 days birthday haha.
  12. pooponu

    Hi I'm "new" haha

  13. pooponu

    Hi I'm "new" haha

    thanks thanks
  14. pooponu

    Hi I'm "new" haha

    yeah i wondered where i went too hey thanks thanks
  15. pooponu

    Community Event/Tournament

    i have an idea about the prizes i say for anyone to join the tournament they must donate 1 dollar not too bad if you get 40 people for a 20 dollar pot (the rest can go towards the server) whoever gets 1st place gets a 20 dollar game or a 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place, also to make a poll or a topic that is solely a yes or no answer whether they want to do the tournament and set out to do this next month or so.