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  1. im playing on under and he's invising against me, Vultima and redpeony On the previous map, uphill, he was invising against some other guy this is about the 2423423th time he invisi'd against me. btw that redpeony went from best sniper ever to terrible after triggerbot got blocked with latest is he not banned? the last 3 years he would easily get 7.0 kd constantly and kill people without aiming and now, since scripts 4.5, is super bad LMAO A month before 4.5 (April or so) I was playing field against this redpeony guy and he killed me 20 times in a row without missing me once (all body shot) and now he cant hit anyone
  2. There have been 4 major MUSLIM terror attacks in Europe since Manchester. So it's old news. (Those who which the Gods want to destroy they first make mad) Not my fault those countries let in millions of extremely radicalized muslims. can I get unmuted now, jeez ps you can block that triggerbot (which redpeony definitely isn't using) by creating a custom downloadable objects.ddb with recticle colors changed slightly
  3. Hex made it, Y and Z for what side on the hill for each team. But you can also use two script zones (one per team)
  4. bool Main_Hooks::Damage_Request_Event(DamageableGameObj *Victim, ArmedGameObj *Damager, float &Damage, unsigned int &Warhead, float Scale, DADamageType::Type Type) { if (Damager && Damage > 0) { int PlayerID = Get_Player_ID(Damager); if (PlayerID != -1) Reset_AFK_Timer(PlayerID); } // Fix pointwhoring with snipers when pointsmod is off if ((Warhead == 3) && Victim->As_VehicleGameObj() && Get_Object_Type(Victim) != Get_Object_Type(Damager)) { const WeaponDefinitionClass *CurrentWeaponDef = Get_Current_Weapon_Definition(Damager); if (CurrentWeaponDef->CanSnipe) { float DamageMultiplier = ArmorWarheadManager::Get_Damage_Multiplier(Victim->Get_Defense_Object()->Get_Shield_Type(), Warhead); if (DamageMultiplier != 0.3f) { Commands->Apply_Damage(Victim, 2.0f, "None", Damager); return false; } } } // Prevent hillcamping on C&C_Hourglasss if (Damager && Victim) { // check if victim is building, attacker height above '24' and warhead is not c4, nuke or ion Vector3 pos = Commands->Get_Position(Damager); // DA::Host_Message("X = %f, Y = %f, Z = %f", pos.X, pos.Y, pos.Z); if (Victim->As_BuildingGameObj() && Commands->Get_Position(Damager).Z > 27 && Warhead !=12 && Warhead !=16 && Warhead !=17) { // block building damage on hour glass on the hill - tested if ((_stricmp(The_Game()->MapName, "C&C_Hourglass.mix") == 0)) { int team = Get_Object_Type(Damager); if (team == 1 && pos.Y > 11) return true; // GDI if (team == 0 && pos.Y < -6) return true; // Nod DA::Page_Player(Damager, "Hill camping is not allowed on this server...damage blocked."); return false; } } } return true; }
  5. please remute mr ed i have decided unmuting him is a bad idea
  6. Yeah 30 is the max on both client and server. That's why you need to work around it on the client by setting the registry value directly to 1000. On the server you need to make your own NUR console command because the built-in doesn't allow you to go over 30.
  7. Yeah, but setting server NUR to 100 instead of 30 fixes'll have to make your own server NUR console command cause the server NUR console command also doesn't allow it to be set above 30 (every 33 milliseconds).
  8. Yes and that's the issue. With 30 it lags like crazy cause it will only send your input every 33 milliseconds. with 1000 it will send it only 1 millisecond. The issue is worse with crouching because crouching modifies the soldier speed to be lower so then you get speed and location sync issues with client and server.
  9. Open the registry and edit HKEY_Current_User->Software->Westwood->Renegade->Networking->Options->NetUpdateRate Set it to 1000 (but DON'T set it any higher). MAKE SURE YOU SET 'BASE' TO 'DECIMAL' else you'll get issues. Then test ingame by holding he move forwards key while spamming the crouch key for like 7 seconds. release both keys at the same time after 7 seconds and see if you still get lagged around.
  10. Your FPS is too high which is breaking physics.
  11. I'm gonna put it on the web site. It's pretty much on top for any C&C related google search. has good SEO
  12. Hey I've been working on creating an installer for the game which uses the demo game files, the FDS files and the 1.037 patch program files. It's working but it's missing: - some non-essential sounds (I've replaced them silent sounds to prevent game from crashing) - the single player maps so you can't play coop. - no serial (but not an issue as no server contains serial check) - some textures on a few models - some textures on all the maps except C&C_Under. Scripts 4.0 and RenList work fine. Playing on rencorner for a bit. I need some help with the missing textures and I need to do some testing and then I can release it. The final installer size will be about 120 MB I think. Send me PM so I can link what I have (it's a 7zip archive so you don't have to run an installer). I want to add the installer to CnCNet's web listing tool for Renegade servers (kinda like RenList but then online): (I'll also add a link to the ultimate edition if people want to buy the game for coop)