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  1. Blizzhackers? You hack? Lol. Jk. I use to play D2. I use to bot too. Pendlebot, Mephisto bot, etc., (bots play and pick up items [or they did], it's not like aimbot or anything, for those who don't know) but jeez, that was like over a decade or so ago [14 years or so ago, actually]... I use to play Diablo 1 too, believe it or not. I think I still remember how to dupe items in D1. Lol. How old are you?
  2. I know I should strike while the iron is hot but I still haven't had a chance to make the [Sgt Hartman] sound files. I still got it on my to-do list though
  3. Watched twice, maybe I'm a big noob, but what is he doing? Wall hack or something? Looks like he's shooting through walls but no one dies...
  4. Jail-bate!
  5. Thanks, I will update once I get a chance to make some Sgt. Hartman sounds. I'm pretty tech savvy so I'll use a high quality source (DVD or higher), compress well, and do the other things you mentioned and get back to you. Thank again. Do what?
  6. Haha, yeah, but see, that's my point. Even you remember that/those scene(s). And you can imagine people using it. When I mentioned Sgt. Hartman in the game, people quoted him as well. That's why it stuns me that Sgt. Hartman sounds weren't here before I arrived. It just seems like such a natural combination. Taunts can get annoying, but I can name a handful of instances which they have and it's usually when someone is PURPOSEFULLY trying to be annoying. I think the command is !disablesounds or !disablesound, but I've never used it. A mod, admin, or other users may be able to confirm. There is also an (arguably) long delay, something like 5-10 seconds between any two sounds (whether from the same user or multiple users). Sorry to hear the sounds have bothered you in the past. I haven't been around consistently too long, but I think most of your concerns have been resolved with the !disablesound(s) and delays. Please try the command I mentioned. Obviously, your interest for muting all sounds for everyone is directly in opposition to my interest to add more sounds. I guess that makes us adversaries :P But seriously though, if no other sound was on Rencorner, I'd be happy with a few Arnold Taunts, and of course, arguably more necessary/relevant (based on the nature of Renegade and the culture of it's users), Sgt. Hartman quotes. Everyone who hears my suggestions for Sgt. Hartman sounds either directly or indirectly support my cause, both in game and on here. Alpha-male sounds are boss, Arnold's great, but common, Sgt. Hartman quotes may even be more essential to the culture of our community here. I hope some higher ups will chime in here AND also clarify what command Zephryn can use to !disablesounds. I THINK is it !disablesound or !disablesounds but I've honestly never used the command, only seen it used once and assume that's what it is for. Sgt. Hartman's quotes and Renegade are like bread and butter; a natural combination. We need to move forward with this.
  7. Im interested to know what sounds I'll sponsor your sounds, what are they? There's like 500 sounds but i guess its the 80/20 rule, 20% of the sounds get 80% of the use... I just think Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket would get a lot of use. Like I said, if there were only 5 sounds, I bet you Sgt Hartman would get a lot of use. I'm surprised not one sound now is Sgt Hartman. It blows my mind. It's relevant to a game like Renegade, they are hilarious, and they are timeless. *EDIT* A ton of the sounds need to be tossed. They should run them through like a spreadsheet or something and toss the 80% that only get 20% of the use. When I hit !sounds command there are a ton I have never even heard used. Sgt. Hartman sounds would totally be used a lot, I'm sure. Sgt Hartman and Renegade just seem like a natural combination given the people that play and the culture/current trend of sounds used the most. It really blows my mind not one Sgt Hartman sound exists now.
  8. P.s., a lot of the sounds I want to use are not in this video. Here is a list of more quotes: http://pixeljoint.com/pixels/quotes.asp?pid=1198 There are some other ones that are even better than the ones in this video. Please let me know if you guys agree this is a good idea, and please let me know how to proceed to make the files and I will. I look forward to hearing back, thank you and take care.
  9. I want us to add Sgt Hartman sounds from Full Metal Jacket. If there was a limit to only 5 sounds at all, 4 would have to be from Sgt. Hartman and maybe keeping 1 from the current make up, that being "usob." Sgt. Hartman/Full Metal Jacket is just so relevant to Renegade because of the nature of the taunts. It's very shocking if we don't have any now. I created a thread dedicated to my request and I could proceed with making high definition files. Please post in there to further discuss. Thank you
  10. Hello, If we had no other sounds on Rencorner Renegade, we would have to have Sgt. Hartman from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, and yet, we do not. They are relevant to the game, timeless, and popular. In a word, it's very surprising that we don't already have Sgt. Hartman quotes as sounds for Rencorner. Upon Approval, I can make high definition sound files in the format requested, but please let me know if we will add the sounds (some, at least) if I make I quality sound files for it. Here is a sample from YouTube of some of the sounds available: Please let me know and give me instruction how to proceed if this would be of interest to those with the power to add sounds. Like I said, if there was a limit to only 5 sounds at all, 4 would have to be from Sgt. Hartman and maybe keeping 1 from the current make up, that being "usob." Sgt. Hartman/Full Metal Jacket is just so relevant to Renegade because of the nature of the taunts. It's very shocking if we don't have any now. Please give me instructions on how to proceed (file format, etc) if admins agree to add some of the sound files I create. I look forward to hearing back, thank you and take care.
  11. FlowerPower
  12. I think I'm muted. I think it's been for a couple days but I didn't play or have time to make thread until now. I wasn't told if I am muted or warned, to my knowledge, so I don't even know if this is the case but when I type "hi," or "yo," there is no sound. If I am muted, please fix, thanks.
  13. I guess I made a mistake. I was never personally banned but I assumed being at a school with over 50,000 people on the IP would make for a bad idea connecting through (based on some other people on the forum mentioning IP bans were possible) so I thought early on I saw a message but I probably saw someone else post here about their message. From then, I just never used the schools IP and thought I'd come here to clear what I thought would be an issue for me so I could play at dorm(s)/school. I'm up north now, but I connected when I was back at school so it seems like there is/was no issue. I suppose we could just close/delete this thread since it is a non-issue. I can connect fine. I appreciate you all looking into the matter for me. Thanks.
  14. FlowerPower. I play all the time and I am not banned or muted, but I'd like to play on my schools/dorms network. If I play on my schools network, I will get either banned or muted, I am not sure which, but I think that my schools IP is flagged. Please let me know when it is removed, thanks! P.S.: There are 40,000 students here at UCI (University of California, Irvine) and 5,000 employees/staff. People live on campus and a lot of people are on this IP Address, so if you could also safe list this IP Address, that would be great.