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  1. Minecraft wasn't there?
  2. Thanks Charre.
  3. Display is a beanie baby...
  4. Thank you Sotaar.
  5. Thanks Manny.
  6. $50 from me!
  7. Sounds like a very cool experience, I know you enjoyed it. I am patiently waiting for the pictures.
  8. Thanks, raven, you're a good man.
  9. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Levi. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: Iwe are glad you found us again, enjoy your stay.
  10. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Keith. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: We are happy you came to play, hope you stick around.
  11. Thanks Sotaar.
  12. Thank you kind sir.
  13. Well blade, sorry you feel that way, you never really played our minecraft, it was only for you to come on for 2 or 3 minutes then leave... So no loss if you don't come back. In fact, you became the joke of the server, what I need are dedicated people, not people coming in to check who's on then leave or bragging about the other server you are doing a build on. Your advanced build was judged last month, but I don't think you ever came to see the results. Anyways, when you get a little more mature, maybe you'll come and stick around.
  14. Wyld has been around since Renegade 1st came on the scene (and you in diapers), he was an early server owner (before Jelly), and has served as admin on many servers since he closed his. He is trustworthy and has helped more than one renegade server stay in existence. He also is my friend.
  15. Rofl, I remember that incident, video and all.
  16. touche, ehh, ay? Spin it anyway you want...
  17. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Lorenzo! Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: Nice meeting you, enjoy your stay, hope you stick around.
  18. in almost 28 yrs, how bout you? are you a teenager yet?
  19. We moved to GA in May, to be close to our daughter. I'm a Georgia boy now! Getting old is a bitch... ain't it?
  20. Thanks Whirly.
  21. Are you and your wife ok, health wise? I hope so. We've known each other for years... my how time flies.
  22. Thanks bud.
  23. Thanks rackz. much appreciated.
  24. If you, as a player, are interested in becoming an official Youtuber/Streamer in the RenCorner Minecraft servers, you must fit the criteria as set in this post, AND follow the correct application format. You should be on our teamspeak server, the address is, If you don't have ts, download the client here: Are you a frequent participator in our Forums and/or Servers? (Note: participation is strongly recommended and important). You must have followers on your Youtube or Stream account. Give link to account If you answered no to any of these qualifying questions your application will be not considered. Please do not re-apply until you fit the above criteria. If you answered yes to all of the above criteria, proceed to the application format below! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make a new topic in this forum: Staff applications>minecraft Copy the questions below and paste in your new topic, then answer them. First name: In game name: age and date of birth: When did you become trusted? How long have you been making videos? Provide a link to your YouTube account: How many subscribers do you have? In a few sentences, tell us about yourself: Please note, being a streamer/youtuber means you do need to be active in our Minecraft server, and THIS IS NOT A STAFF POSITION! If you apply and become inactive after submitting your application, it will be rescinded, and you will need to reapply for the position.
  25. Thanks for coming to our server, we hope you stick around.