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  1. I am proud to say, Blu101 has been made a regular staff member with her promotion to half mod, congratulations, Blu, keep up the good work!
  2. Joetorp

    New donation from goosy122

    Thanks goosy
  3. Joetorp

    New donation from DANTE

    Way to go, Dante. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft,! Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! server creative http://mc.rencorner.com/vote Welcome, and thank whirly.
  5. Joetorp

    New donation from Charre

    Thanks Charre.
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    Have a great day, youngin. Happy birthday!
  7. Joetorp

    Pyr0maniac696 Trusted (accepted 12/2/18)

    Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Austin. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: http://mc.rencorner.com/vote It nice that you found us, I hope you enjoy yourself and stick around
  8. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Brianna. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: http://mc.rencorner.com/vote Glad you found us, sorry about skygrid, We had a glitch and will correct it when it gets upgraded to 1.13.
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    December renegade promotions

    Congratulations guys.
  10. Joetorp

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    You really want to be 12 forever? Well to each his own, i'd be 30...
  11. Joetorp

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    Thanks raven
  12. Joetorp

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    Thank you everyine including the young smelly one, and bad news guy.
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    New donation from ice187dna

    Thanks ice.
  14. Joetorp

    Donald John Trump

    He's almost older than me!
  15. Joetorp


    If we are around for 1.14...
  16. Joetorp


    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday. If you are traveling, be safe! Don't eat too much.
  17. Joetorp

    New donation from rackz

    Thank you kind sir!
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    New donation from Wyld1

    Thanks Wyld!
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    Charre and LunaFang!

    Since LunaFang hasn't been on since 4/2015, Happy birthday Charre!
  20. Joetorp

    staff application

    You are digging yourself into a hole. The idea of filling out the application and reading the "readme" is to see if you can follow instructions. if it boring for you to read, you are either too young or lack the maturity to apply. You are applying for a temp mod position, you don't get to set the rules, you get to follow them!
  21. Joetorp

    staff application

    I just gotta say sidb, it is obvious you can't follow directions, I wouldn't even consider your app if you did this in minecraft!
  22. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Steven. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules. Vote for our server and receive rewards, http://mc.rencorner.com/vote We are happy you found us, enjoy your stay and we hope you stick around.
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    Happy birthday, kid! Hope it is a good day...
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    Minecraft Staff Members

    If you have any problems or questions PM one of us, or find us on Teamspeak. Owner - Volcom. Co-Owner - Shaitan Head Admins - Strikye, raven777 MC Admin - Joetorp Senior Mods - Goonhaven, Camflht Developers - Skyguy92 Full Mods - Lizto, warlord83, fantasticfuzzy Half Mods - _Shadowpaw_, jennaxX, lucalani, FireStone90, Ryann101, Blu101 Temp Mods -