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  1. If we want the new stuff, we have to upgrade to a new version. We didn't up grade from 1.9 to 1.12. We did a partial upgrade when 1.10 came out 5 weeks after we wiped the server for 1.9. We felt that a 2nd wipe so soon would have pissed off some players, so Wool expanded the world from 3000 blocks to 6000 blocks and made 3000 to 6000 blocks 1.10, by that time a lot of players made their builds inside the original 3000 block boundary and didn't know or take advantage of the new stuff in the outer boundary.
  2. With there normal distribution of diamonds and minerals.
  3. Sh00t, it's a building game, get over it.
  4. Looks real good, probably will require a complete wipe of the world.
  5. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft Anthony. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules. Vote for our sever to receive rewards on select servers, Vote for our sever to receive rewards on select servers, We are happy you stopped by to play, enjoy your stay. Hope you stick around.
  6. Thanks ExEric3, much appreciated.
  7. congratulations guys.
  8. Happy birthday guys.
  9. Thanks Whirly.
  10. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Brady. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: It took some time, but you did it. Glad you are here on our server.
  11. np, but a poll would be helpful to you.
  12. If you leave out win7 you will cause problems. I don't think win10 is in exclusive use, I still have win7. Take a poll, that will tell you.
  13. Thanks Warlord.
  14. Thank you Voltima for the contribution.
  15. I am doing well, I haven't been in Ren for months, I will get on soon, I miss the game.