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  1. Wow, I didn't know that was possible! I got the emulator, bios and the .iso as well :D I use ePSXe tho, what is yours?
  2. Here's my latest one. Yes. I do love Vigilante 8 a lot.
  3. Which one of the tiberium wars (TW, for short) is your favourite? Not talkin' about the games' versions themselves (storyline, gameplay or stuff); we're speaking about technologies, building capacity, their versions and evolutions. I always prefer the second TW. The ability of building a wall section around the base, pave its ground and keep it organized makes me a little more happy. I wish the third tiberum war had those same features. I love the Titans and Wolverines as well - whoever also plays some matches at MPF knows I'm addicted to them. Also, the second TW in Nod technologies allow you to repair a vehicle with a repair vehicle. In the Third TW we have the Rig, but it is not still so moveable as the Nod Repair Vehicle was. However I prefer the First and Third TW Mamooth Tank versions. They are not sabotageable and are also kinda faster.
  4. V8 is definitely the game of my life; I simply love it and tho I don't have a supergamer PC nor a PS4/Xbox One, I do miss it on the modern console generation. :( That's some good Effect you did there! Feels like a 5:30AM battle on Islands.
  5. I got some Photoshopping as well; I'm a recently graduated Graphic Designer, and I use Photoshop since 2010. This one is from a series of homage where I composed 20 pictures in honor to the Playstation 1 game, Driver 2. This other one is from another homage series, this time to Midway, a great enterprise that made Arcade classics such as Rush and the Cruis'n series. This one is from a great series of mine which I worked throughout a whole year - Burn Baby Burn, a series splitted into 2 seasons, with more than 20 pictures in total, showcasing many epic, nostalgic and imaginative moments from Vigilante 8, my favourite game. This one I did recently; just a practice work I did for portfolio. If you'd like to see more, check my Behance: https://www.behance.net/bueno1694.
  6. My most recent one. I didn't remember I could actually steal the whole intelligence from the enemy by just stealing their MCV (Because last time I tried that, it didn't work, idk why.)
  7. That's some neat modding you did there.
  8. Good to see I'm not alone in this! Hehehe.
  9. Have you ever tried to modify any C&C game from it's code or rules? The only one I've been trying to do so, it's Tiberian Sun. If you didn't know this yet, it's actually quite easy to modify both rules.ini and firestrm.ini files, and find a few stuff they didn't put even on the Firestorm Expansion Pack. Skirmish get's a bit more fun!
  10. I'd like to know if you guys would like to put more music in Rencorner, instead of only the Renegade ones we're used to listen while playing online. My suggestion is to put in a few musics from Tiberian Sun and it's Firestorm expansion, such as Scout, Mad Rap, Hacker, and my favourite, Killing Machine:
  11. It doesn't needs to be a specific game; show your best or favourite bases in any C&C game. This is my most recent one in TS as Nod. HAIL KANE
  12. lol that's a Shame :(
  13. lol Thank you! :D I've uploaded the new pack version for 1.11.2 on my Dropbox. Also, all other versions are there as well! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e06nowujmkrrhbe/AAAjl5SJZ_AZ396TS5ueEXtBa?dl=0 I Wish I could edit the original post, but I can only edit the replies.
  14. I'm currently updating to 1.11.2. :) I didn't get it.