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  1. Ive got it working. Thanks people
  2. Hey I have a problem. When I click connect, at Renlist, nothing happens. I cant join any servers. Does anybody know this problem? :(
  3. Hope to be there next time! I am barely ever at home in the weekends
  4. I am European and I dont really Vanilla.. I like that you can buy weapons and tanks and stuff. Really like all the options this server has
  5. I don't agree with replacing it with Creekdale. Am I the only one who likes Creekdale? :P
  6. I approve this. I like City. Its a nice map :)
  7. It's a bit messy tho :p
  8. Yoo I've been pretty active in the C&C Renegade server for a while now. I thought its time to check out the RenCorner website and make an account on here. So here I am :) Turning 21 next month. Producing music, DJing, organising events... Just finished school and I am currently taking driving lessons. Yeah. That's me.. Oh and here is something I am currently working on
  9. Playing alot in the Renegade servers