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  1. Now I have proof of the tremendous abuse I suffer at the hands of my fellow Ark players. #sad #not nice
  2. The parts for my wife's car came in early. It looks like I will have to play mechanic instead. Have fun guys/gals.
  3. I should be there
  4. any chance we can get one of these going in the near future?
  5. I joined today and it looks like I have to make a new character.
  6. this is my favorite type of renegade so I will try my best to be there.
  7. I had this game for more than a week before I was able to play. I had all the same issues. This is what I did. open steam, top left corner, click view, click servers, click favorites folder, bottom right add server, punch in then still in steam, right click ark game, goto properties, local files, click on verify integrity of game files I had 2 files that couldn't be verified and it fixed them itself then go back to ark forum under connect to server topic and click on island link this takes you to a web page that shows who is playing and gives option to join I saved web page to favorites so I open browser, find the page and click join. hope this helps
  8. What Ice said got me on the server but I still couldn't play until I cleared and replaced corrupt files in some cache thing. I don't remember how. Someone on ts walked me through it. It is hard to sum this game up in short. There is so much to build/craft and many styles of playing. Quicksilver built what is called the church. Very nice looking. Shai and Ice also have nice buildings but I'm afraid their property value was lowered due to the new guy putting an industrial looking monstrosity right down the beach from them. I have only played on RC server so I don't know about single player but I join when no one is on. There is always something to do. Whether its gathering,building,taming,breeding or just slaughtering everything in sight. As most things are it's much easier and more fun with others. Teamwork is essential when fighting a boss. If you have'nt bought the game yet I can't promise you will like it. Maybe watch youtube and see if it's your cup of tea. But if you buy and join I have a care package I made. It is more than enough to hit the ground running. The RC tribe did the same for me. On the web page you join from I'm suski72 in game John.
  9. Happy birthday Ice!
  10. I know that I have neglected Renegade in the last couple of months. Does anyone know of a good AA (Ark Anonymous) program?
  11. I lost a shark !!?? Well thank you Ice. I will go and retrieve it. Will also keep an eye out for others. I heard through the grapevine that someone on the server is losing dinos on a regular basis.
  12. I watched it on 60" tv and wasn't blurry. Good quality, nice job mdogg.
  13. Unless there is some sort of emergency I'll be there. Looking forward to it.
  14. This was a lot of fun last time. Also, just an idea. If we can get 20 players again maybe break it into teams of 4 or 5 and play tournament style. 2 reasons. Times that people can play vary. Communication is better. It is important that we all don't talk over each other.
  15. I found a gigasarous egg
  16. I have been playing Ark Survival a lot lately but will be on ts . If a war pops up count me in.
  17. I wanted to thank Ice, Shai and Quick for all your help and generosity. This game is a lot more fun than I thought it could be.
  18. Awsome. Combine that with the facial hair you mentioned in another topic it will be just like real life.
  19. Can't play sunday, wife sighned us up for couples bowling
  20. Have not seen a penguin yet, as it turns out everything between them and I will kill me
  21. Are we still planning on 3 pm est Saturday 1/28/17 ?
  22. I was hoping to get this week. Downloaded steam and then informed by "better" half money too tight. Two weeks and I hope to be clubbing with you
  23. I have tried playing several times but the game freezes in both local and in server. I may have a friend come look at pc and fix.
  24. I got it to work. Spent an hour running around the beach in my underwear. Tried to kill a dodo when a dino killed me.
  25. downloaded but can't make it work. Feezes in single player and says shootergame has stopped working in multiplayer. Not sure what to do.