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  1. visara1

    New donation from visara1

    I am not a mouse. Cheeky get
  2. visara1

    Gaming Addiction

    This is great news. I've been trying to rack up the mental health disorders so I can be President or at least congressman.
  3. visara1

    ARKaeology Event

    I don't see another on the map so you may want to do the dino respawn before you join. I also heard you can breed them. My rex is a female so hopefully one of us will find a male.
  4. visara1

    ARKaeology Event

    I found a tek rex but have not had any luck finding bone piles.
  5. visara1

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    I will do my best to be there. Funwars are the best.
  6. visara1

    New donation from visara1

    ok I see I need to change my name. I'm thinking big/Richard or monster/rooster or donkey/dong
  7. visara1

    Might be joining the ark crew soom

    I'm glad to hear that you may be joining Ark. The game is a lot of fun. If you can let one of us know when you will be joining as I'm sure any of us would be happy to help you get started.
  8. visara1

    Is there a place. . . .

    Rueggy apologized to me and I thank him for it. I think it shows good character for such a young man and I look forward to future games with him and his grandfather.
  9. visara1

    I am sorry

    Awhile back an overwhelmed friend of mine gave me a chance to act like an adult and to be understanding and compassionate. I chose to be childish petty and vindictive. I played a large part in destroying a great thing that many others worked long and hard to make. It was not the buildings dinos or weapons that made ARK great but the community it self and I lost sight of that. For that I am truly sorry. I am asking all parties involved to forgive me and to please come back and help fix the mess I have made. Sincerely John aka Viagra
  10. visara1

    Is there a place. . . .

    I gave his weapons back ( ram,pic and volt ) I kept the 500 and lcg and he still called me " FAGGOT ". Now he sends pm's " are we still friend's " and " PLEASE TALK TO ME " If he reads this my answer is no. Not until you apologize and say you won't treat anyone like you have been again.
  11. visara1

    The new year 2018

    Happy New Year everyone
  12. visara1

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    The parts for my wife's car came in early. It looks like I will have to play mechanic instead. Have fun guys/gals.
  13. visara1

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    I should be there
  14. visara1

    comm/lobby war?

    any chance we can get one of these going in the near future?
  15. visara1

    FunWar TODAY!!!

    this is my favorite type of renegade so I will try my best to be there.