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  1. D4rX

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    I remember him joining OSTK as OSTKZunnie. We had our own server back then. Me, personally was a big fan of the Ultra-Aow server from St0rm, and he tried to create something similar for us. Normally someone's death doesn't do much to me, but heck, his one does. To realise he was still alive yesterday... shocking. May you find rest wherever you be Zunnie. I have some other comments to share when I know how or when this tragedy happened. I'd appreciate if anyone could keep me informed.
  2. D4rX

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    Does anyone know the cause of this saddening pass-away?
  3. D4rX


    Don't worry Mikey!!! Communications are back up, I'm here now to put your worried conscience at ease.
  4. D4rX


    It's me under a smurf name. May I collect promised price now please?
  5. D4rX

    Any other TES or Fallout gamers here?

    Open world games never were my thing, it often hurts the quality of the game. + Running around hours and hours for small, useless quests is piss-boring. But damn, 8000 hours, you must have alot of patience, or the game must be astonishing good. Best example from my experience would be ME: Andromeda. Compared to the original triology games, they made a huge mistake making it open world. (like you said about the Obsidian-Bethseda feud, the (unofficial) Bioware forums is a good source of dramalulz too). Gaming is evolving and not for the better imo, decent single-player games are a rarity nowadays. (= not where the money is at). Focus is shifting towards the multiplayer aspect of the game (loot-boxes, DLC, P2P,...) rather than delivering an intense story-drive game. Again, understandable from a company's perspective, less from my perspective.
  6. D4rX

    You bring dishonor on our name

    Yeah as DarkXc. Viper, Asgaroth and Rain were the other leaders. You might have joined after I left. Rain was more the talkative type. I mainly played ren lol. Ah Silenthunter, that was it. Good memories.
  7. D4rX

    You bring dishonor on our name

    I was 18-19 when RainXc (ex-MiRaGeNXC) asked me to join his cause, so yeah, time really flies. It died after I graduated lol. I hid him between the 46 arties he nicely bought for his team.
  8. D4rX

    You bring dishonor on our name

    Holy fuck, another surviving member of SF. Domfocker is still alive. Maybe you knew him...? Who was the leader again, Shadow? It's been from 2008-2009 I believe since they fused with Xc back then.
  9. D4rX

    Where's Hourglass?

    Biggest problem with the map is the duration sometimes, just as with Under or Field. People get bored and want the next map. Is the sudden death scenario still a thing at RC? Or was that removed a (long) time ago...? That usually ended c&c_Hour Whoreglasses if the game was pretty stuck, when both refs went down for example.
  10. D4rX

    New donation from D4rX

    It's what I had left in my paypal account.
  11. D4rX

    New donation from D4rX

    No no, I don't expect anything in return (although madyell would be neat), it's a donation to lessen the burden of the other donators for this month. Just promise to not smoke it up like a certain Anismoke-ski.
  12. D4rX

    New donation from D4rX

    How will you improve the forums now?
  13. D4rX

    Replace Sand with another Map

    It's a good alternative, but make it time-limited though.
  14. D4rX

    whats the craziest game you've played ?

    Starting with only a bar on Field, then selling Sedans for 300 $ per 30 secs to buy back the whole GDI base and win the game when Nod had a fully functional base.
  15. D4rX

    Replace Sand with another Map

    It needs to stay for Ghostnappa.