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  1. It's what I had left in my paypal account.
  2. No no, I don't expect anything in return (although madyell would be neat), it's a donation to lessen the burden of the other donators for this month. Just promise to not smoke it up like a certain Anismoke-ski.
  3. How will you improve the forums now?
  4. It's a good alternative, but make it time-limited though.
  5. Starting with only a bar on Field, then selling Sedans for 300 $ per 30 secs to buy back the whole GDI base and win the game when Nod had a fully functional base.
  6. It needs to stay for Ghostnappa.
  7. Yeah, it reminds me of my own issue with 1200+ fps, turning on Vsync fixed it, here is how the problem looks like: Though you say freezing? It was more stuttering in my case, sounds like you have a different issue I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96UJRA2g79k
  8. https://youtu.be/8B_6x-qEwiU?t=7
  9. Is your shift/caps button malfunctioning?
  10. Germany vs the Netherlands got cancelled too, seems there is a suspicious package near the field.
  11. Football game Belgium-Spain cancelled due to terrorist threat, one of the culprits spotted near national football stadium!
  12. Much going on here in Belgium atm, seems Brussels is a nice place to organise those terrorist attack cause nobody gives a shit here.
  13. LOL! 5 golden stars right there.
  14. Countries like Lebanon aren't "heavily" (notice the " " ) secured as France, Belgium or Germany, that is why it makes it more frightening when stuff like last night happens. Belgium has just arrested a potential culprit that was involved in helping what had occured last night. But as I explained to some people here, the politicians (at least in Belgium) don't really care about closing borders and take action to terrorist attacks, they'd rather have more refugees so they can make their politic campaigns a success, rather than making the country safe & clean... In my own opinion, the islam religion is getting abused heavily to justify it's somehow Allah's will, and I think that's what they are trying to do, spreading fear and hate against the muslim people, which I would like to see them leave this country aswell... Because they want the Belgian people adjust to their will, not the other way around, how fucking absurd is that? I haven't seen catholic terrorism yet, or atleast, not this often...
  15. Instead of shortening it, make it longer to 30 seconds, while playing this nice piece of elevator music: Mikey's a point, the tea time is holy.