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  1. Cheerz
  2. oO I thought it had gone Rusty.
  3. Congrats
  4. Just donated!
  5. v264.0 This version has some fatal errors. I have only updated the Island map as of yet. It is a know problem with OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL SERVERS throughout ARK. The devs are working on a solution to fix this in a patch. It's affected the Island Map, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. There should be a patch due out....there is a patch out now. Will update the Island map first and test it out.
  6. At the moment there is a "Rain Bug" on the official servers as well as the non-official ones. The rain bug is essentially when the server initiates the rain, for some reason it should stop after a time but a block of rain continues and it won't go away. This bug is over our base at the moment so I have shut down the server, re-downloaded it and rebooted. This has done nothing to stop the rain bug. Normall rain does not come through the buildings and when you stand outside your thirst bar fills up however this rain bug makes it so the rain does come through the buildings and you cannot see your thirst bar filling up. I have looked at the ARK steam discussions and this is what they had to say: 'PHANTOM RAIN CAUSING SERIOUS FATAL CRASHES!!!Here is the progression of the rain! Rains once it stays...Twice it starts to stack...Three times continues to stack starts to spread in a larger radius...4th time more stacking more spreading...5th walls of unsee through able phantom rain lots of fps lag...6th it starts raining for real only instead of being able to see visible drops all you hear is the sound in areas without the phantom rain already falling...7th unbearable lag...8th Fatal Error Crash9th trying to reload continues to Fatal Error Crash Upon Load Your save file becomes corrupted...(Note: stopping and starting the server gets rid of the rain for small period of time but it comes back harder and faster and spreads quicker, Have been testing it with numerous Local Games This has happened to two servers they couldn't figure out how to fix it and had to restart the full server from scratch... Everyone lost all of their stuff. The Server Owners are refusing to reload the server till patch. On my local game my game started crashing at 9th... Luckily I kept a back up file and deleted the corrupt one. However I started tinkering around with it and seeing if I could replicate it and seeing how the progression works. If you have an unofficial server I highly recommend shutting down your server before it starts to build to the crash!' The bad news is after I re-downloaded the server today I backed it up...and overwritten the old files (before the rain bug) so if the server has to do a roll back it will still have the bug. Our server is playable and the rain hasn't spread yet or caused any of the following problems as above. The developers are working on a patch for it. Will keep everyone posted as soon as they release the new patch. Thanx ice.
  7. Nice one :)
  8. I joined Discord a bit back, just found people disliking Rencorner and some were suspicious of us doing a 'Hostile Takeover' when I read the comments by them. Looked around the place, nothing special. Personally I don't like it and prefer TS. 'User entered your channel' 'User left your channel' It's the little things like that which amuse me in life. Besides it's funny hearing Qwicksilver being drunk on TS most weekends playing Ark Survival Evolved. Thanx for discord but no thanx. TS all the way. But each to their own. !vote Stick with Team Speak.
  9. Ark Survival Evolved in the Summer Sale 51% off! Grab it before it's full price again along with FREE DLC apart from Scorched Earth. 

  10. 22nd June 2017 Huge update incoming!! Upcoming Version: v259.0 Too big to put on here so here is the link.
  11. 3rd August 2015. Server is now updated to 192.0 Server port now has been altered from to
  12. Happy you to have your birthday on the longest day of the year (as in most daylight).
  13. Happy Birthday.
  14. I almost forum banned him the other day after the comments I saw. Prob wouldn't have gone down well with the Owner, Co-Owner and Head Administrator with me but, It was the music I was willing to face. He can apologise all he wants, then the mods will let him go and he'll do it all again. That's not teaching someone with an attitude a lesson, a 6month ban from IRC, Renegade, Forums and TS etc might be a start. Then try again, if the same happens increase to a year. Keep doing this and add on 6 months every time he fails until it clicks in is pea brain of his. No more muting/un-muting slap on the wrist every two mins, that's not punishment that's making you lot look like a set of push over mods/server admins. Everyone in the world knows right from wrong there is no 'Oh I didn't know' and play dumb, 'yes I have an attitude problem but it's ok I can get away with it'. Iran is no different. If he has an attitude problem then he either gets it adjusted very quickly or finds another gaming community....simple as that. That's my two bits to this. Yes I am English along with a few people here, and no we are not pathetic low-t cucks!! If you want to bitch about other countries then bitch about your own first!
  15. Yes make a new character it's better as if you use the one from the island map you will loose it and have to restart again on the island map. Glad you like it, it's the Island map, Center map and Scorched Earth map rolled into one. Glad you like it visara.
  16. Here is the new awaited map FREE DLC from Wildcard Studios... Ragnarok.
  17. It has been decided to swap the Center map server to this new map Ragnarok. Today it has been launched with the same IP as the Center Map. Ragnarok IP: The server has level 600 dino's on it so be warned.
  18. MP-Gaming/Jelly, then BlueHellProductions, W3D Hub on and off, MPF (big mistake going there), then finally came to Rencorner.
  19. Well over the past year(s) Ark Survival Evolved has finally got it's launch date. 8th August 2017. Ark has been on sale quite a few times over the year and heavily discounted with up to 68% off....well now unfortunately with the launch date nearing the price of the game will increase. It was a case grab it while you can, so if you haven't got the game as of yet you can now pre-order it. It is available across all platforms for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Right now they are throwing in some unique collectors items in with the game which include: As of now, picking up this package is the only way to get the exclusive bonus items, however, if we’re able to sell out the initial stock, we will order another set that includes all of the above, minus the game. The reason we’re not able to do this currently is due to the high cost of producing these physical products. Here is the the trailer for the launch: Here is a link to purchase the limited collectors edition Also in other exciting news there has been a new map called Ragnarok now launched FREE DLC on steam.
  20. Gutted I'm going to miss news on E3 about Ark Survival Evolved...dam time-zones!!!!!

  21. I can't cope with stupid people anymore. 

  22. Here is my first wyvern which is colour mutated. Both parents were this colour so yeah, I did get confused when I hatched it. I wanted a mid tone purple wyvern...instead I got the sandy coloured one instead.
  23. Perhaps there should be 2 x Renegade servers. Renegade Classic - for all the old school peeps. Renegade like it was in the old days. No fancy shit, just good old teamwork. Renegade Modded - for all the mods and extra's that peeps want in the server. It won't please every renegade player but, most players will have a choice in their style of game play. Just a suggestion.
  24. Me, part of my nickname.
  25. You will find that Server Admins donate too and the Co-Owner does.