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  1. Hi trunks, I remember you. Long time no see how are you?
  2. "Fools take a knife and stab people in the back, the wise take a knife, and cut the cord, and free themselves from the fools."

  3. I just about to do the same. You bet me to it.
  4. Storm has knocked off my net and power on the rest of the estate is out too. So much for uni work....meh. 

  5. I played Command and Conquer 3 today Tiberium Wars.
  6. LOL cos I un-installed it years ago. I got with the flow and play games that are popular lool. Yeah one day I'll install it and have a go. Looks very like minecraft looking to me now.
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand............ The End. Happy Days. Have fun, be merry and enjoy gaming. Long live Renegade. Yes I'm drinking wine, making sense..maybe not...drunk...not there yet....having a good time at LAN hell yea!
  8. My answers are: Joke Ones of Course!!!! Send a command to brentbot to !tag (playernickname) and 'Princess' so then they will walk around with princess tagged on them. Kick everyone. Everyone is happy cos they got the person who they wanted kicked and that person got them kicked. Command to look up someone's host/host ban list. Pass on that one. To ban a player without banning everyone else using that serial. Pass on that one. Disarm someone's beacon....!disarm_beacon playernick or !steal_beacon playernick Blocking a person from using beacons at all !trump_wall_around_player playernick. Anyways answers are for fun only don't take this all serious.
  9. Really tempted to purchase Middle Earth Shadow of War. I can get 15% discount off it too..what to do....

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    2. ice187dna


      Whoops already purchased the silver edition but I managed to get 25% off it so only paid the same price as the normal edition. Oh well I'll give it a go. 

    3. Sotaar


      I'm sure it's a pretty solid game, Shadow of Mordor was tons of fun. Just not too happy with the devs.

    4. ice187dna


      Yeah, well I'll have a game or two at LAN over the weekend to see how it goes. I still have the Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth and also the Rise of the Witch-King too.  Both are still good games in my eyes. I prob should find them out again and play them at some point.

  10. 2nd October 2017 Updated Metamod and Sourcemod. Updated Sourcemod to (1.8 build 6027) Updated Metamod to (1.10 build 959) Added the Halloween Only Server IP All the maps should be running the 'Halloween' them.
  11. This section is going to be where all the changes and updates of the servers are going to be kept. Anything minor or major will be dated and logged here. These will be also my notes in what has been Done, Pending and Under construction. These notes will be for my benefit in finding out what is working and not working out for the servers and if anything should go wrong, I then can back track to prevent it and / or not download certain plugins ect. If people could ideally not post in this section then that would be a great help to check my "online notes". If you need to say something just create a new post and tell me in there if possible. Many thanx ice187dna.
  12. Hi people, I'm off to EGX- The UK's biggest Gaming Event 2017. I'll post some pics of the place when I get there. Here is a trailer of what's happening.
  13. Ok here is Day Three of the EGX photos as promised. Enjoy.
  14. Cheerz for the unexpected donation.
  15. Really wow that close. Well it's on the 20th Sept next year so don't book anything lol. I'm wanting to go again as it was a really good experience. No excuse now, you have to come next year :D I almost met 'theshed' who lives in Blackpool and used to be in the same clan as me many years ago the SG one. (TeamWolf was the clan leader). Right Day Three tomorrow..yes there is a few more images lol.
  16. Yes it was. I only took one photo :/ Anyways... Day Two
  17. Ok day one photos. Some are a bit blurred cos I was rushing to snap them. I took them in the morning most of them so it's quieter and there was less people around blocking me off. All these were took off my mobile phone so they are not professional images
  18. Thank you shai, yea I sent you a PM about it okay. Will get the images sorted tomorrow, still feeling ill and done a 10 hour shift today and it's just drained all the energy out of me and I have to be at work at 4am on Monday (I think my boss is slowly killing me off) and won't have time to upload them. I hope you guys can wait one more day but I hope you like the images. I'm not a pro-photography but oh well they will do.
  19. I'll do a donation tomorrow...I start work at 4am...yay...not. Best get to bed, already did a 10 hour shift today and feel like crap still from this cold.
  20. Hey people, I'm back from EGX and had a great time. Met some really cool guys who work in the games industry and have insight, hints, tips and advice from them to make it in to my dream job of becoming a level designer for a games studio. It has a been an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back again. I have done so much walking I cannot believe my legs are not stumps by now lol. Ok so, I'll post the images tomorrow as I'm super drained right now and some nice guy sneezed near me and yea, gave me the cold so I feel like crap. Anyone at Rencorner who is from the United Kingdom should go down and hang out. It's been a good experience and........let's just say a game which I play was down there too ;) but they said they will be there next year/time and it will be much bigger. Be prepared for tons of images tomorrow..I took them with my mobile phone mainly and some with my camera (which needs replacing). ice
  21. I did not get time to back up TF2 before EGX. Oh well it should be fine.
  22. Will do, thanx.
  23. Ok thanx. Deffo posting them now lol.
  24. Staring Visara - the crashing legend. Dirty Goat - the funny man. Shaitan - the guy who laughs. Me - camera woman.