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  1. "Fools take a knife and stab people in the back, the wise take a knife, and cut the cord, and free themselves from the fools."

  2. Storm has knocked off my net and power on the rest of the estate is out too. So much for uni work....meh. 

  3. Really tempted to purchase Middle Earth Shadow of War. I can get 15% discount off it too..what to do....

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    2. ice187dna


      Whoops already purchased the silver edition but I managed to get 25% off it so only paid the same price as the normal edition. Oh well I'll give it a go. 

    3. Sotaar


      I'm sure it's a pretty solid game, Shadow of Mordor was tons of fun. Just not too happy with the devs.

    4. ice187dna


      Yeah, well I'll have a game or two at LAN over the weekend to see how it goes. I still have the Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth and also the Rise of the Witch-King too.  Both are still good games in my eyes. I prob should find them out again and play them at some point.

  4. Ark Survival Evolved in the Summer Sale 51% off! Grab it before it's full price again along with FREE DLC apart from Scorched Earth. 

  5. Gutted I'm going to miss news on E3 about Ark Survival Evolved...dam time-zones!!!!!

  6. I can't cope with stupid people anymore. 

  7. Well on the 19th May I should have all my university assignments in and completed. My holiday begins 22nd May to chillax away from it all.

  8. Finally after an hour and a bit I managed to figure out the blueprint class and manage to get my two glass doors to open up when pressing E key. #UnrealEngine 4.13.2 FTW

  9. 516075836_preview_rancho relaxo.png

    "Sometimes, you just need a little less gun."

  10. Breeding T-rex's for a random mutation....get's triplets instead. GG. :joker:

  11. Renegade drama :bitchfight:Gumby what you say about that? 

    1. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      I don't know if I can comment Pet. Shaitan banned me from posting on the Forum.

      Anyone spotting a theme here?

    2. shaitan


      Yep there is a theme, certain of you think you can get away with repeatedly breaking the rules and/or treating other members/mods like shit, even with being warned over and over.

      Oh and do note the time frame, 5 days:


  12. Gumby check this out TF2. How did they miss that trololololol.

  13. Changing ISP today I think...if all goes might be offline till the change over happens or I might not be offline or I don't know. See how it goes.

    1. ice187dna


      Going to get sorted out on Thursday now. 

    2. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      Must be switching to PlusNet ;)


    3. ice187dna


      Nope Virgin Media. They have been out twice to house already but there is some miss communication on their end as we now have two routers which they have sent us. :lmfao:

  14. A wild Volcom appears :wub:


  15. Steam Sale is now on.

  16. Last day at Uni on Thursday for 2 weeks. Ready to catch up on TF2 & Ark.

  17. Just been flying around on my quetz killing stuff, looks in the inventory and finds a ascendant metal WTF really!!!! :D :D :D :D

  18. Happy Birthday Mr Gumby. All the best have fun, get drunk and yeah throw a Gumby party :p

  19. Looking forward to Halloween :D

    1. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      May the Spirit (curse) of Merasmus be upon you. ;)

    2. ice187dna


      I just want to kick the dodorex's arse or this time collect all the skeleton dino costumes. Halloween is my favourite time of year.

  20. Just got my Ark Survival Evolved T-shirt today and my two posters :D

    1. Strike


      Pic's or it didnt happen :P

  21. Eat, sleep, game, repeat.

    1. Occassius


      My order is: Work, Game, Maybe Eat, Sleep


  22. Your life sucks so you have to copy everyone's style, ideas and pretty much everything you do. #copycat 

    1. ice187dna


      Nobody at Renconer...was having a little rant at someone else.

  23. Hai, Happy Birthday young man. Miss you, have a good one don't get drunk on pizza and oh I mean beer and good times dude :)

  24. Super excited for the Redwood forest to come to Ark Survival Evolved & to pick up dodos and toss them! The dodo does FLY

    1. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      Damn those Dodo tossers.