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  1. Authentic.
  2. Boobs_again.
  3. Well it's a case of keep it as it is with no new content or risk a wipe of the world, have a fresh start and hopefully the new content will bring the peeps in. If I advertise on the Facebook and Steam group to let peeps know. Still need to ask @Volcom (when he's around) about the Instagram thing which @jennaxX asked me about and get things moving on there too. I know we have a Twitter account too but it's been inactive for a year or two maybe. I think risking the world wipe Joe might cause a bit of a stir but, if people know that you are going to wipe then they might understand rather than just wiping it one random day without any notice. But it's up to you what you think of it.
  4. It might be a good thing to have a fresh start with the new year just around the corner. I mean I hope you don't have to have a wipe but if you need then you gotta do what you gotta do.
  5. For @Joetorp I think this is Minecraft's New Year's 2018 treat. Not watched the entire video but it's something which might have the MC people coming back. Hope you are excited about it as I am. It looks cool. New content includes: Trident Weapon. Shipwrecks. Dolphins. Coral Reefs. What do you think @Joetorp?
  6. Ok changed it.
  7. @mdogg1108 I'll add you as a maybe then on the list.
  8. Congrats on your new job at Rencorner! 

  9. Ok it's now changed to Christmas Fun war. Dates are now 16th-17th Dec as in either of them. Again if anyone is interested please let me know and I can add you to the list. More people = more fun \o/. Do we have any Christmas maps to put into the rotation for this event @Manuel857/Senior Mods. Yes @mdogg1108 you did. Are you wanting to be added to the list???
  10. Check you guys out eh. Congrats on the new positions both of you and good luck in your new job roles.
  11. Ok cool. If the date is set in Dec then so it gives people more time to decided and get this list longer. Will make a second post on Facebook to drum up some interest. I know there is 2/3 people who are wanting it to go ahead. People so far: Green for yes Yellow for Maybe. NickK. Manuel857. mdogg1108. redpeony. dippy. Vultima. AnThRax. xmobster5. dubstar. Any more people wanting to join in the game. If so just say so then I'll add you to the list.
  12. Who's up for a Renegade Fun War/Big game? Dates can be: 25th or 26th Nov. 2nd or 3rd Dec. 9th or 10th Dec. 16th or 17th Dec. Who's in???
  13. I really want Destiny 2. I'm thinking of getting it at Christmas or after Christmas not sure yet but I've seen my favourite You Tuber/Twitch Streamer playing it and even though I haven't played the first one this looks mint. Only thing I'm stuck on is to get the standard edition, season pass or digital deluxe edition of it. I know there is some more DLC coming in Spring 2018 so I might wait till then to get it but...yea it's a must have game for me. I've found it cheaper on another website and not directly from Blizzard too.
  14. Flying.
  15. Happy Birthdays to you guys.