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  1. ice187dna

    Gaming Christmas trees.

    Look at these Gaming Christmas Trees!
  2. ice187dna

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Can I please remind people that it is a PUBLIC FUN WAR and not a RENCORNER COMMUNITY WAR. This means that the public will be joining us, there are people on FaceBook who are interested in joining in.
  3. ice187dna

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    Not long to go peeps.
  4. ice187dna


    Happy Birthday, Shai. It's a shame you had to work your birthday but we can make up for it on Ark later tonight. Lots of love, hugs, and kisses from ice xXx Here is an Ark Birthday Cake for you :)
  5. I have been contacted by my tutor from University today asking would I like to do my 3rd year at my local University to get my full degree for games design. It might/might not go ahead, it just depends on how many students they get on the course, but I hope it does go ahead. Fingers crossed.

    1. Charre


      I hope it works out well for you

    2. ice187dna


      So do I. I really want to do the 3rd year and get my full degree. I also miss university too.



  6. Change Logs and updates for the Ark servers. Updated all the Arks to v287.124. Increased Quetzals on Extinction and added another mod Castles, Keeps and Forts (back by popular demand). Scorched Earth has been turned off atm due to not having enough memory on the Server Box. If anyone wants to play it can be switched on as and when required. Updated the ASM (Ark Server Manager) to v1.0.345.1 ASM on the Ragnarok server is not up to date but is still running normally.
  7. ice187dna

    Apparantly Renegade is dead :p

    Fake News. It's alive and kicking.
  8. ice187dna

    Joetorp's Big Birthday.

    Well Happy Birthday young man. Looks like there's no stopping you now. Have a good one and all the best.
  9. ice187dna


    Very true.
  10. ice187dna


    I recognize that nick. Many, many moons ago.
  11. Hi Rencornians, Anyone up for a Christmas Renegade Public Fun War? Date: Sat 15th Dec and Sun 16th Dec. Sign up!
  12. Our Ark Extinction Server has been busy. We have had up to 6 players in game loving it. Are you ready to join in?

  13. I graduated today :)

    1. vlatkozelka


      What exactly did you graduate as? that makes you > than Shaitan, the tamer of dinosaurs, slayer of deer, babysitter of the Rencorner!

    2. ice187dna


      HND Games Design.

  14. ice187dna


    Happy Beerday to you mdogg.
  15. ice187dna

    Player Count

    While having weekly or monthly events could happen, every time one has been organized, people say they will come and they don't turn up or the cancel out at the last minute. Having this image of full servers like the good old days are long gone. Players move on to better games, they have real life stuff to deal with, marriages and kids, or their job might stop them playing as regular. I have said my bit about this in another topic a while back but..... I can organize a Renegade Public Christmas Fun War in Dec just before Christmas and I'm sure it will get the peeps interested in it again. It can be organized for the 8th or 9th Dec / 15th or 16th Dec then it's not too close to Christmas as people are going to be super busy that week. I'll get the word out on social media to get the peeps interested and see how we go yea.