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  1. ice187dna

    Ark Temp Server Shutdown.

    Both Ark servers are up and running now.
  2. ice187dna

    IRC Public Channels

    Also: Team Fortress 2 channels: Normal Server #rc-tf2 Mann Vs Machine (Players Vs AI) #rc-mvm-2 PropHunt Server (Props Vs Hunters) #rc-prophunt
  3. ice187dna

    Ark Temp Server Shutdown.

    Hi people, For the people who play Ark on the Rencorner Servers, we will be shutting down two of them temporally. The last day to play on them will be on Monday 10th September. We need to shut them down a few days earlier to backup and transfer both the Aberration and Scorched Earth Servers while we get another box. Due to the size of the game, it will take nearly a full day to do one server and everything must be moved off the server box before the 14th September. Between the 14th and 18th of September, we will have a new box installed and the servers will be transferred back over. Again this will take a few days to get set up so as soon as we have the new box and everything back up and running on the new box, we will do another shout out. Our Ragnarok server will be open as normal to play on. This server won't be affected. Thank you. ice Ark and TF2 Server Admin.
  4. ice187dna

    Random Maya Models.

    @Sheila My advice is just to keep practicing and learning new techniques. That's all I'm doing. More you keep doing it the more you get better at it. I still could improve on my model as I had issues with the icing/fondant on top. Practice makes perfect. Yeah, post any of your models in here, show off your skills. I'm not a professional, I've only just finished University a few weeks ago.
  5. ice187dna

    Random Maya Models.

    Cupcake modelling and texturing.
  6. ice187dna

    New donation from Joetorp

    Cheerz dude o/
  7. ice187dna

    New donation from lawtonhughes

    Cheerz mate o/
  8. ice187dna

    New donation from ice187dna

  9. For anyone who has Ark Survival Evolved you can come and play on Rencorner's Public Server. IP: <<<<--------NEW SERVER IP. Top Tip: Add points on to fortitude to survive the heat. Jerboa starts to Dig - Heatwave. Jerboa starts to Tail Shake and a growl - Electrical Storm. Jerboa starts to Sniff and Whimper - Rain. Mod packs include: Super Tranq Rifle: Mod ID 686599588. Structures Plus (S+): Mod ID 731604991. Death Recovery Mod: Mod ID 751991809. Super Spyglass: Mod ID 793605978. HG Stacking Mod: Mod ID 842913750. Dino Tracker: Mod ID 924933745. Kibble Table: Mod ID 774762563 PS Wild dinos are level 700!
  10. ice187dna

    What is your favourite TV series?

    Out of all the Star Trek series, I did like the Voyager the best and DS9 the least.
  11. ice187dna

    New donation from ice187dna

    Well, no not really. I've not had a good month. I still have my own bills to pay and a car to run too. I can't just afford to pay $150 a month for bills for Rencorner to run the Ark and TF2 Servers. I'm not made of money but I will help out whenever I can.
  12. AND, I'm sorry I haven't replied back to Your last post.... Shit Happens, and I had to deal with a bunch of SHIT.... But I STILL miss hearing YOUR Voice :)

    I'm actually back on TS, so let's talk and BS... I want to know what's going on in YOUR Life! My Life is actually BORING, so if You have trouble falling asleep, ask Me about MY Life... lol

    You might actually get DEPRESSED after hearing what I have had to ENDURE before, BUT I'm at an AWESOME Job, I live a MILE away from the #1 Beach in America, I live in a $300,000 House that I rent for $800 a Month, AND I have a 100mB Internet connection... lol


    1. ice187dna


      Well, I've finished University so now I'm chilling out for a bit before I start work on my portfolio/showreel and CV ready to apply for jobs in the games industry. Glad you are in an awesome job now.

  13. Today I have handed all my University work in. I'm no longer a Games Design student. It's been a roller coaster four years but I've finally done it.

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    2. Skilz


      Gratz Ice! 

      Occassius, you must hear a lot about Lucas Lagoons ey? Have ya seen his pool builds? :P

    3. Charre


      I know I'm late and you might not see this but congrats!

    4. ice187dna


      Thanx guys :)

  14. Well, mine has to be Supernatural. Gotta love them Winchester Boys.....especially Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles.
  15. ice187dna

    New donation from ice187dna

    Yay finally this time it's showed up.