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  1. wastedu6

    New donation from wastedu6

    Greetings, happy to assist with the donation. ~Vultima, yes, myself and a few mates have started playing again for about a year. I mentioned it in Shai's Bills Due Soon post but also we've also been recording some RenCorner gameplay. YouTube Channel: Wasted Youths Although we primarily highlight the killing of one another, hopefully it could bring some Renegade exposure; particularly since the low population topic is always an ongoing discussion in this community.
  2. wastedu6

    My YouTube Channel

    Trunkskgb, it appears you primarily play on the NewMaps server, yes? You should play and record on RenCorner instead; but I subscribed anyways :) A few buddies and I have been recording a few videos on RenCorner; enjoy: YouTube Channel: Wasted Youths
  3. wastedu6

    Bills due soon

    Since the new year, a few mates and I have been uploading Renegade gameplay to YouTube as a personal archive of us killing each other. For the sake of view-ability, we try to include some entertaining video editing such as fast-forwarding during the more monotonous segments of Renegade battles. Our little channel has a few of the standard comments including "This game is still alive? How can I play?" so there are definitely still players out there that are still interested in Renegade. Our channel welcomes feedback and hope the RenCorner community approves. Link: YouTube Channel: Wasted Youths On a side-note, we've only been playing consistently again (used to play in the Jelly days of yore) for about a year and intend to donate; of which I am going to right now. This has been a welcoming community to join and if we can return the favor by raising awareness then Mission Accomplished. Thank you all for the fun to date.
  4. wastedu6

    Happy Birthday Renegade!

    I still recall my little brother and I not being able to figure out how to connect to Multiplayer servers sometimes. Half the time we 1v1ed on Under - we had so much time to waste back then...
  5. wastedu6

    "Vanilla" mode, need some input

    Agreed - All or nothing. If Vanilla, same rules as it was in the Golden Age of 2002.