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  1. NickK

    Field game yesterday

  2. NickK

    mr.ed again

  3. NickK

    mr.ed again

    wow, that also called th good shit!! good argument!!
  4. NickK

    mr.ed again

    Just exactly like this
  5. NickK

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Count me off, way too many people. Why should we advertise? a funwar would be fun when there's a maximum amount of players like 8v8. This funwar will be a 20v20 so why don't we all stay in Rencorner's maralag?
  6. NickK

    {Os} Challenge you!!

    3 weeks before the commwar will start, an official sign up topic will be made
  7. NickK

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    As long there is a maximum amount of players I'm interested. If it will be a 20v20, I'd rather to stay in Rencorner marathon.
  8. NickK


    What he said
  9. NickK

    {Os} Challenge you!!

    Hi, Nick here from {Os}. We would to challenge Rencorner to a community war. Date: Saturday december 30th. 7:00 PM UK time. 8:00 PM Dutch time. Maps: We can play a best of 5. {Os}map1, {Os}map2, RCmap1, RCmap2 and the last map will be Field. Match size: Minimum 7v7 and maximum 10v10. Rules: Time limit: 30 minutes Starting credits: 0 Crates: Yellow crates Ped beacon wins: no Vehicle shells: no Weapon drop: no Weapon spawn: no Wall jumping: yes B2B: no Tunnel beacons: no I would suggest, be ready around 6:30 PM UK time/ 7:30 Dutch time so we can get some stuff done to start on time. Would be nice if there's a volunteer to go on spectate mode and make some great video clips. I'm looking forward to your response :)
  10. NickK

    Like or dislike?

    Be honest and tell me. Somehow it's starting at 0:32....
  11. NickK

    Mr.ed th

    Might be looking sad but as I said before it's not the first time he is doing this. Don't want to start making drama. I'm just sick of being of part of his 'retardness'.
  12. NickK

    Mr.ed th

    I have spoken to Mass and Shadow today about Mr.ed th. Shadow told me to post it on the forum. He is doing this for a long long time and I'm just sick and tired to be a part of it so desided to fraps. On this video you can see him th pretty clearly. I also did something like this in the past and got warned immediately. Would be a pleasure to take a look at it. Please notice, this will be the ~40th time Mr.ed is doing this I'm sorry for the lag because I had to fraps over a video because something went wrong for some reason. The link to the video.