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  1. 3 weeks before the commwar will start, an official sign up topic will be made
  2. As long there is a maximum amount of players I'm interested. If it will be a 20v20, I'd rather to stay in Rencorner marathon.
  3. What he said
  4. Hi, Nick here from {Os}. We would to challenge Rencorner to a community war. Date: Saturday december 30th. 7:00 PM UK time. 8:00 PM Dutch time. Maps: We can play a best of 5. {Os}map1, {Os}map2, RCmap1, RCmap2 and the last map will be Field. Match size: Minimum 7v7 and maximum 10v10. Rules: Time limit: 30 minutes Starting credits: 0 Crates: Yellow crates Ped beacon wins: no Vehicle shells: no Weapon drop: no Weapon spawn: no Wall jumping: yes B2B: no Tunnel beacons: no I would suggest, be ready around 6:30 PM UK time/ 7:30 Dutch time so we can get some stuff done to start on time. Would be nice if there's a volunteer to go on spectate mode and make some great video clips. I'm looking forward to your response :)
  5. Be honest and tell me. Somehow it's starting at 0:32....
  6. Might be looking sad but as I said before it's not the first time he is doing this. Don't want to start making drama. I'm just sick of being of part of his 'retardness'.
  7. I have spoken to Mass and Shadow today about Mr.ed th. Shadow told me to post it on the forum. He is doing this for a long long time and I'm just sick and tired to be a part of it so desided to fraps. On this video you can see him th pretty clearly. I also did something like this in the past and got warned immediately. Would be a pleasure to take a look at it. Please notice, this will be the ~40th time Mr.ed is doing this I'm sorry for the lag because I had to fraps over a video because something went wrong for some reason. The link to the video.