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  1. u know the funny part about this jelo? Satomi isn't replaying
  2. Chrythies said to Satomi he wanted Hermes boots Satomi said get it at fishing Chrythies said u cant get it on the fishing satomi gave the boots. then when i knew. u can get sailfishboots from fishing it has the same effect it has the the same crafting recipe to spectre boots lighting boots and frostpark boots. what chrythies said i did not know about sailfishboots. Satomi is it fair to get hermes boots instead of sailfishboots and chrythies doesnt know it?
  3. Thanks
  4. its been a while since i played terraria i wanna know the updates has it been moved to or not? just wanna know the updates.
  6. i know that lol. i might play mc too
  7. So Jelo u are startin to play minecraft rencorner?
  8. He Can Spawn items cuz i saw him in chat he mistake type and i say ID:2774 or something wihich is not an item and i told im give me what u got and it was red potion the cheat unobtainable item which i also told kelly and jelo and they both said delete it so i delete it. Darklord only shows up on night which is 12 a.m. in the philippines. He also Spawned the items for the Newbs.
  9. IKR but just tell him not to duplicate
  10. Nice Edit!