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  1. hello
  2. sick edit at 2:14
  3. I was refering to someone coding it so your weapon didnt reload in the tank. so to be clear i can jump out of my tank and shoot my ramjet, just dont do it at the same time?
  4. was someone gonna do the doesnt reload in the tank thing anyway?
  5. well it kinda is
  6. stop bullying children dude
  7. both game are trash edit: this quote didnt get the whole quote, what a shit forum
  8. modding isnt harder lol, bots do majority of the work... and he does have actually grievances about the mods, it just doesn't help that he's a idiotic tool
  9. are you 5
  10. dont encourage him
  11. try removing os from your name :>
  12. i remeber when duyger was leaving the game, so he just killed his own art instead of giving it to someone, good dude (this was field btw, so it couldnt have been stolen). top lad
  13. never trust a wnxer
  14. @WNxH3adSh00t You've been on this server long enough, that the only way to get someone to stop invising, is to record it. do it.
  15. it is what it is, games gonna die at some point its coming
  16. why did you get so upset? theres no need to insult him like that lol, creed looks like an idiot, but so do you. also its painfully obvious the only way to get something done about invis is recording it yourself.
  17. these commands have always been here lol Rencorner has always been playable, unlike MPF, that wont change
  18. there is no other server
  19. people arent leaving because of the commands lol people are leaving because its a dead old game, relax.
  20. thats not going to happen lol the prices going up is the disadvantage of your team losing the game, before !weapon it was more severe ye? People need to stop relying on using !weapon tbh
  21. why should one character be able to do 2 things extremely well? Perhaps 3 if there have a tank?
  22. going to back what I posted in shai's light/rav post I would love it if 1k characters werent allowed to buy sreps and hotwires cant buy rails/ramjets Would fix shai's wonky rule about the rav/light too, since it would become not as powerful I dont really care about the weapon command apart from that, !tank is pretty homo tho @dubstar thats a terrible reasoning, a hotwire barely uses mines/proxies/times in the field as a tech bitch, your also basically 2 characters (also harder to hit for the homo's who do that) - that should cost you more and imo should be disallowed
  23. got em
  24. rather not, unless its a well liked map like siege. feel free you add the nextmap as a fanmap though when the server is full
  25. didnt know you had it in you