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  1. ehh

    Website issue

    http://ostk-clan.org/forums/index.php?/topic/819-hypothetically-1v1s/ wow ostk hates me
  2. ehh

    New donation from l00mpa

    thank you for the yuge support
  3. ehh

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    inb4 ea remove terrorists and crazy ivan xd
  4. ehh

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    i dont trust ea with anything new most likely gonna be tib sun/ra/1/2, they did post on openra. one of my wishes is for ZH online to be fixed tho ngl
  5. ehh

    S.O.S we need admins...

    congrats now deadmin vultima cheers.
  6. ehh

    Font issue

    iirc @rackz fiddled with the font settings?
  7. ehh

    need help with script

    you should just force suspects to play on their usual name if they refuse send them to the gulag, create the dictatorship renegade needs
  8. ehh

    Field game yesterday

    average copypasta tbH but yeah i dont think people are going to download this, just remove the music noob
  9. ehh

    Field game yesterday

    nice cheats
  10. ehh

    game download

    make sure to get into settings, so it can find ur game.exe also make sure to use the gsa tab and put in a name
  11. ehh

    game download

    what stats
  12. ehh

    game download

    Wait u actually think ur good? Sad times
  13. ehh

    game download

    Spartan, u suck
  14. ehh


  15. ehh

    Hack or feature?

    its called freeaiming, just press v my dude like dis here
  16. ehh

    Synthfrax cheats

    so where were you in the clip? in the tunnel, field, waterfall? Was it a lag shot like vultima was saying in the shoutbox? i think it'd be better to explain how you killed him than calling him a noob dont be like me
  17. ehh

    Doubleshot Rule

    Because they weren't aware i guess? Since its a dumb rule anyway; that shai created cause he was mad How about its allowed when shais not ingame?
  18. ehh


    Youd lose
  19. ehh


    thanks for the compliment old chap :) I don't really need to have a reply with substance when replying to some ignorant bigot, sorry my dude maturity can be age related tbh, like i have half the maturity of u cause im half your age, simple math
  20. ehh


    oh i guess its ok to be ignorant on storys that might be jokes my bad joe!
  21. ehh


    did you type this on trojans announcement also
  22. ehh


    Lmao good luck
  23. ehh

    Doubleshot Rule

    Gl LOL