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  1. gotta use all advantage skins headshoot noob
  2. you got stanks on city fly? eww
  3. you got stanks on city? eww
  4. thats not your cave blacky smh
  5. your signature is terrible
  6. gj its discussed in mod forums
  7. pro tip, you can disarm mines above the door in 1st person
  8. i volunteer as security guard
  9. lmao
  10. ive had enough of liquid tbh
  11. just a joke relax, i didnt think what he said affected you its just standard 9 year old edgelord shit lol i also thought u were the euro headshoot ooops xd
  12. i dont see the issue
  13. you could call him a baguette. just a idea
  14. stop bullying please
  15. wat
  16. happy birthday xo
  17. foreigners usually learn from mistakes tbf
  18. original best
  19. damn im so good at guessing
  20. you prefer teamspeak because of the sounds?
  21. i agree seemed strange joining two communities together discord > ts tho all day
  22. basically like all voips, just dont join random ones that you dont trust. You'd be surprised what people spend money on, 2k dragon lore anyone
  23. poor matenone
  24. seems obvious to me
  25. players crave popular servers more.