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  1. not enough 12 year olds i guess
  2. oh, well thats a shame, a lot of people still use the ts
  3. is the jelly ts server on that box? not sure if its supposed to be still down
  4. what a noob
  5. you dont enjoy someone spamming the pimp rocket launcher in the tunnels? that does 100 damage before u can see them
  6. theres no major weakness since you can go back and repair yourself (for example the hill on under) mammoth tank has plenty of weakness, big, slow and you look like a noob if you only have a light and rav, you can get picked off easy without any repair gun, which makes it only situationable
  7. the issue is having a repair gun and the rail/pic/ramjet gun, so theres no downside to it iuno if that'll get fixed instead of this flimsy rule
  8. are recs even worth anything
  9. we could do with less cheaters anyway
  10. why did you add me on steam lol
  11. delete
  12. pm blacky about it, stop being so fucking emo Romanian takes some of its language from french? explains so much
  13. remove bio
  14. no the floor when u spawn people still care about kds lul