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  1. cant believe we lost the barr like that, still had my apc though :> when i got back idiots were still running around the barr when the nuke was inside
  2. seems to be missing those particle missles for the holy trinity of advantage skins tho
  3. You weren't, you shut it down by just sayings its an exploit and ignoring the rest of my statement. I suppose we should ban all other exploits too then? Back on topic, I dont think people wanna permanently remove ramjets lol Its just for a map or a day in the week, no big deal tbh. And headshoot, most of the time snipers do shit all and are the reason your team is losing the game. (same as sbh)
  4. would be better to vote for the next map, instead of skipping shit.
  5. was hoping you'd like to discuss lit/rav, I guess you dont want too. Niagra is just a terrible map overall btw
  6. big deal
  7. well the rule isnt straight forward tbh
  8. Well, its balanced, if you cant buy a repair gun. And it's a glitch because you can reload in the tank?
  9. did dippy protest this much about the lite/rav ban?
  10. Sounds like what usually happens with snipers anyway, just more fun. Nod has always had 60+ % winrate on field and under, whilst gdi has the advantage on mesa. nod rekts complex too, stats for games going longer on complex would be cool though, most nod wins are nod getting control early and throttling gdi. You could always just remove the ramjet instead.
  11. were pics removed too? sounds cool in theory, yes some snipers can help the game, majority just kill whore though, lets just be honest.
  12. or just remove them.
  13. windows 10 has being fine for me, ever since I upgraded, auto updating to w10 did piss me off for a while though
  14. is it a ww game?
  15. xp doesnt get security updates anymore, thats why