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  1. SweAngel

    So are You really a pirate?

    So sorry rackz we had a party with the vikings and geeez those guys know how to drink
  2. SweAngel

    So are You really a pirate?

    Umm Yepp
  3. SweAngel

    So are You really a pirate?

    As some of You already know my husband and I share the same office and he has become a bit tired of the I am a pirate-song. So today he bought me a pirate hat and said "Lets see how many pirates there really is on that server" So here is my proof that I'm a pirate Who else are a pirate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGv5r60E5Vk&feature=youtu.be
  4. SweAngel

    What is your favourite TV series?

    Big Bang Theory, and the fact that my husband hates it makes it so much more fun to binge-watch
  5. SweAngel

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Thank You guys for an awsome evening. I had so much fun
  6. SweAngel


    Thank you all for the warm welcome :) Well what should I say Visara, we women are like that and that's why You guys find us so interesting hahahaha ;) :P See you all in game. Hugs Angel
  7. SweAngel

    Rencorner Facebook!

  8. SweAngel


    Hi I'm ~(SweAnge)~ , Swe for Sweden and as I'm lazy, Angel is my IRL name by that SweAngel the little thingys around it I have just to make it harder to pm me hahhaha Took a break from rene when n00bstories closed but Gr8Bigguy dragged me back a couple of months ago. Meet a lot of You ingame already and most of You have made me feel welcome The others I don't give a hoot about Anyway it's great to be back playing my favourite game and even greater to meet You all. Hugs Angel