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  1. I think its Sir. Anus. Because he doesnt know how to buy tanks /oldskool not confirmed, case solved.
  2. railgun tanks suck. im getting sick of faggots that fap while driving, while reloading, while jumping out of veh at the same time. Do that in reallife and im okay with that.
  3. my fukin hard job =_=
  4. i would play that aswell but the multiplayer tools/fixes/replacements suck. i tryed to play ot with my brother but we failed to get it work lol
  5. im on TS, do you have any more coop maps for RA2? otherwise lets play some skirmish. btw i got mental omega work, but it sucks, i prefer original yuris revenge
  6. dont lie! i never see you ingame!!!
  7. make mr.ed admin then all problems get solved
  8. give snipers a dickhead skin, lasttime it was 4vs4 and someone was sniping lmao we wrecked his base without any problems lol
  9. Play on 40" TV on 1920x1080 resolution. Now enjoy having tiny soldiers.
  10. and i thought drugs are bad, this topic sucks even more lol
  11. but renegade is no game, renegade is life
  12. meh, all fake. wanna see real fights? knifes and guns included lol poke me for real stuff
  13. die in reallife please
  14. tankgame. make everyone who use !weapon get a sausage skin. plz
  15. this topic sucks, just remove weaponbuy and tankbuy. end of discussion. go suck MPF if you want bullshit modifications. Many peoples are slowly quitting "renegade" if you noticed, many known names are nomore present. YKZ, Evie and tons of others i usually met allday. even me as a constant rene-player is nomore much active, and its not just the lag that keeps me away from playing renegade.
  16. I would nuke RenCorner if i could get an active vanilla server instead, fook the money that i donated lol
  17. or we make a !vote called !vote homomode (to enable weaponbuy and tankbuy)
  18. ROZ pointed it out, nothing more to add
  19. one tankrush and you loose btw your c4 "skin" is horrible
  20. we could do a day/weekend new maps event with decent maps, like UNrules style
  21. LOL
  22. yeah enjoy b2b snipe on mars. Siege is ok but fucks up your reticle wich needs to be fixed. seems like the VIS sectors however has gotten collision settings enabled wich shouldnt be possible lol.
  23. Yaaaaa braaaaaaaaaaaa