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  1. rackz

    wNxH3adSh00t Invis

    go buy a fucking tank
  2. rackz

    Website issue

    i think murkel will call you cheater pig
  3. rackz

    Hi everyone

    i totally loved xphaze and black-cell at that time!!! welcome back!
  4. rackz

    New donation from l00mpa

    gonna take a hit for ya and a drink!
  5. rackz

    Random Photoshop Work.

    Green is my favourite because i love to smoke green, but Orange has the best contrast!
  6. rackz

    Zunnie's Birthday

    Happy Birthday my good friend! I hope you doing well where ever you are. :) i miss you
  7. rackz

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    If he´s going the right way then EA will fuck it up anyway. I have no hopes for a decent future CNC game. So im not hyped and glad, so i wont be disappointed in the future again.
  8. rackz

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    I want Renegade. But i guess it will be a Generals remake, because all other C&C´s already got community patches wich work on win10. Generals still sucks on win10, espicially if you try installing mods or just setting a higher resolution. Btw i just saw he said remake´s. if so then it could be renegade and zero hour or tiberian sun and RA2.
  9. rackz

    S.O.S we need admins...

    Hell yeah Masscarriers! congratz!
  10. rackz

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    RENEGADE WITH KICKASS NETCODE! and a proper Zero Hour remake! :P
  11. rackz

    Font issue

    Heres what i made and use currently: font6x8.tga btw i didnt knew i could post files here lol. if someone is interessted in my reticle aswell then i can upload it here.
  12. rackz

    Field game yesterday

  13. rackz

    Donor ranks and incentives

    no cake for me after 2k dollars
  14. rackz

    So are You really a pirate?

    You´re a pirate? then i guess you have a woooden barrel of whisky for me!
  15. rackz

    Advanced Harvesters

    Thats a custom model (the w3d file) they were even blocked before TT patch
  16. rackz


    trouble? i just call it spam
  17. rackz

    File upload section for anticheat

    Post the files then they can add them to "allow list". Seems like every e_ (emitter) is blocked by default same as any other W3D model).
  18. rackz


    Password Phising? Girlfriend revenge? or hes takin a shit while his friend using his PC lol
  19. rackz

    Connection problem

    yeah it wont fix renlist buy you can direct connect by clicking it lol
  20. rackz

    Connection problem

    Make a copy of your Game.exe. Then rightclick the copy of your Game.exe and go to properties. Then you see a line called Target-Path, add this to the line wich i marked green: C:\windows\Renegade\Game.exe" +connect +netplayername "He4dSh0t" Nexttime when RenList works, add each server to favourite, then you can see all servers online even when the master server is offline.
  21. rackz

    Don't burn the house down

    My last 5 hardware fixes were one time mainboard, one supply, and the other times it was always RAM.
  22. rackz

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    like this?:
  23. rackz

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    last funwar we had like 20 peeps in teamspeak, i even took a picture but cant find it anymore lol EDIT: i ment 26 peeps lol
  24. rackz

    Happy Birthday FurinKazan!

  25. rackz

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    Hmmm lets see how drunk im gonna be but i guess ill be there