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  1. Im not a mainstream guy, the only shit i remember hearing about was those faggot-spinners. So i made my own meme calendar:
  2. ahahaha tobad its not like that in reallife
  3. thank you mr.fabre fabulous!
  4. I didnt even ask for modrights or anything esle. Now i donated 1100$ and cant even use !mad or other donators stuff lol I dont think we can donate for any changes lol but i dont care im slowly leaving ren anyways if you may noticed. :P
  5. but no joke when it comes for weaponbuy right?
  6. YEAAH! gonna drink one for ya, or two, or lets see :p
  7. Dr. Tankgame has spoken
  8. you see the kbits use on top right wich differs by playercount. press f8 and type in: fps then hit enter
  9. Also here you clearly see, the gun is not facing the Reticle
  10. As you see on these two screenshots, in first person view you can shoot alot more down compared to third person view. Also in first person view the reticle dot isnt moving... thats what really pisses me off compared to third person view. Since few last patches its now possible to use diffrent camera settings per map. The cameras.ini as a few more settings than just changing the distance... Do you guys think it would be possible to adjust the cameras.ini to get rid of that horrible reticle dot movement? or maybe even by coding? or maybe by adjusting the character-skeleton bones? Also how about some additional settings for RenCorner server?
  11. Thats the way how to handle with internet-Gangster-kids
  12. Anonymous? they care about some unknown -non polictical world changing gaming forum? LOL. I read "hacked" account posts, he´s 13 years old. Im sure he fell into one spoof/fake website where he did fill in account informations. or it could be "hacked"s brother who´s pissed on his brother for some reasons. lol this topic sucks, suck my drunken ferret balls you stupid fag EDIT: i see "hacked" is now from Philippins, i dont think shemales and palm tree monkeys are able to do such things. EDIT2: its also possible to "steal" someones IP or maybe both used the same proxy lol
  13. this is for 1920x1080 resolution at a 40" screen. Just put that file into Renegade/Data folder. https://www.file-upload.net/download-12615725/font6x8.tga.html
  14. i think i still have a "special" version of your VPN software somewhere... gonna check tomorrow if i still have a backup of it, lasttime i remember that i used it was 1300 days left to use :p
  15. damn deeesplay, you're dirty lol but im dirty aswell ;D