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  1. Just another shitty-ugly advantage skin. Shitty Yellow Nuke Shitty Yellow Ion
  2. Yeah thats what i remember, 4.1 wasnt laggy (but i cant compare the released and dates right now)
  3. If you want exact details: I think the version i was talking about was 4.1. If you find on w3dhub.com the topic made from Fraydo where he told about NUR30 then its the version(at this time) that worked fine. It was the version wich made reconbikes(aka lagbikes) un-laggy. All you need to do is compare Fraydo´s post with the release date of Renegade´s scripts version at this time. The topic was APB related and had a name referring to movement lags. Find the topic and then lets try a test server using this version. EDIT: its 7.th January (at this time NUR 30 fixed reconbikes and movement lags for me) https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/416092-apb-notice-rubberbanding-and-warping/?tab=comments#comment-629708
  4. throat
  5. Fish
  6. Low-Gravity weekend. just take the objects.ddb from (Mars.mix) and set it to main/global objects.ddb.
  7. keep on dreaming. same for removal of !weapon...
  8. just balance the weapons or atleast remove the damage collision modifier (means you wont get harm by explosions if you cover behind walls)
  9. Bring back BlackCell´s commander scripts, the teamplay was horrible the last few times i played (yea im inactive right now due reallife)
  10. Dickhead
  11. the Conspiracy hint was the reason i did guess it right
  12. yea win10 is very fast, but has real problems when playing old games, i mean very old games. old games ftw!
  13. Deus Ex?
  14. I miss win7. 3D studio max worked perfectly fine there.
  15. Thats why Renegade wont let him go btw how are you? you still play renegade?