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  1. rackz.exe has stopped working. lol i forgot it, i was to drunk on weekend and now im workin my ass off lol
  2. yes for 2 minutes only lol
  3. fuckin lol at this topic XD btw guys, a good K/D wont help you to win
  4. peoples forgot Ren´e´lag btw tank+repgun is weaker than tank+railgun im glad this rule now exists even if i dont play anymore
  5. I can recreate it if you want, but now im ddrinkin :P gonna check it tmorrow after work. But that "target detecton" reticle is not possible, it has been replaced by the red reticle.
  6. i prefer E + RGH oh wait i dont even play ren anymore
  7. he may used tacco translator instead of google translator for this topic lol
  8. valvue of how long yo have been without a job
  9. I thought every file has its own hash/ID and if you put everything into one file it will generate a new ID again (thats why custom map mods etc) still use other skins etc
  10. peopels care about MPF?
  11. we now have same sounds x2, if you guys want to save harddrive space then goto %appdata% and remove all .wav files (because RenCorner sounds are now in one .mix file) btw, allow full speed download @ RenCorner
  12. carnage club weekend please. but not today, i have to work tomorrow.
  13. only 1 man walljump is not allowed :P
  14. with coded blockers we could fix many other things:
  15. 1 man wallhop is not allowed anyway. You´re a coder, i did code myselfe for ren i know whats possible, so this shouldnt be a prob: If you still want to fix wallhop, you can simply make a custom invisible-w3d model and spawn it on mapload (so you dont need to edit the main map model) for the hon-spawn bug, if i remember correctly, you can "destroy" spawners by getting the id of the spawner. if not, then code a scriptzone that gets spawned at the spawner´s location wich will set your position/teleport somewhere else :P