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  1. Forithow

    Renegade glossary

    Aimbot: Usually by luck, someone gets headshots many times in row, eg: Nod Turret, Advanced Guard Tower (God damn base defenses are hacking)
  2. Forithow

    Position requested

    Congratz Fuzzy, welcome to the team!
  3. Forithow

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    I remember Kamuix
  4. Forithow

    August Renegade promotion

    Thank you everyone!
  5. Forithow

    Viagra vs Hourglass - Hill Camp vs Ditch Camp

    You guys gotta just make up and kiss, the topic is gone way off base at this point. (except for Shai) CJ clearly didn't get what he wanted out of the topic, can we get back to focusing on the hourglass hill camp vs niagra ditch camp? Otherwise, this topic is probably gonna get locked at this point.
  6. Forithow

    Viagra vs Hourglass - Hill Camp vs Ditch Camp

    Should mention that there's 3 entrances for vehicles on Hourglass, being the left, hill and right side whereas Niagra only has 2 vehicle entrances, the PP sides, and AGT/OB side on the left side of the bases if you're looking towards the ditch, meaning less room to rush. So, nothing happening in the ditch? Oh, must be people on the left side. In addition, MRLS can shoot air and arties can shoot bar from the overhang area in the middle on Niagra (Snipers can do the same but to infantry). On Hourglass, MRLS can shoot hon or ref so easily AND B2B!, arties have a bit of struggle due to the hill incline but they can shoot WF or ref without getting spotted by AGT. (Most games I saw on Hourglass before hill camp rule was MRLS winning via hill or arties winning via hill, making hourglass pretty much a very VERY short game, meaning there's no point to play the map if it's just going to end too quickly, which is why I agree with the hillcamp rule.) Then again, same thing can happen on Niagra, MRLS/Arties can just easily kill PP, and then it's a short game from there. That's just my observation.
  7. Forithow


    Who cares about immersion, it's a 16 year old game anyway. But yeah, it's kinda pointless to kill barracks and WF for GDI because they'll just buy meds again and weapons, but for nod, if air and hon is dead, it hurts them because they need stealth, arties and flame tanks. Anyway back to shells, it's a good idea on paper to have wrecks for all vehicles, but I don't think it'll work that well for long games since I forgot about the whole vehicle limit
  8. Forithow


    It'd be interesting to see nod rush with mammies and GDI rush with stanks/flame tanks. Was playing a game on Uphill where GDI was literally providing medium tanks to Nod because they don't kill the shells
  9. Forithow

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Yeah recon bikes are better off by getting them from crates or buying them on Niagra
  10. Forithow

    How many people are still running Windows XP

    I miss Windows 7 too. Windows 10 has given me way more problems and I hate Cortana
  11. Forithow

    wnxhe3dsh00t invising constantly

    Yeah, there are times where I say someone was invis but then again I don't have the best ping (always at 130+), so I lag a lot too
  12. Forithow

    New Rotation

    Will there be a version of creekdale_flying map without those bulletproof bushes in the way? Other than that, it's a decent map
  13. Forithow

    Car stack up!

  14. Forithow

    dippy can go first

    I'd be down
  15. Forithow

    Screw around event day