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    C&C Renegade, Minecraft, Pokémon, some other games, drawing and the amazing soundlist on the rencorner server
  1. I'd be down
  3. Yeah that was a pretty good game, NOD having good teamplay as well as people on GDI (We used those volt auto rifles to stop your future rushes :p)
  4. Had to get a new hard drive since the previous one was kaput, but I managed to reinstall ren and everything but I'm having this issue where I try to connect to rencorner server but it won't download the resources and say that it failed to download the required packages. Any fix?
  5. Not sure if other people think that's a genuine good AOW/Marathon map but I love that map haha
  6. Thanks Mdogg and Rackz!
  7. What I wouldn't give for a tall cold one right now.
  8. Yeah, I thought I'd share it out because it can be exploited in some ways but other than that, it isn't exactly a big deal like you said. I also don't know how this topic suddenly went to talking about Nlsrene and Cheating, like I only mentioned "draH" as an example of how I found this out and I don't even know who he is but now I do. As for cheating, there is really no point to it at this day and age, there's not as many people as there used to be and majority of the people who play renegade probably play it for fun and cheating sort of just ruins that fun.
  9. Okay, so few hours ago I was playing Under_RxD as normal, GDI had field and tunnels and I was a sniper also in the tunnels. At one point, I was taunting with a teammate next to me as I was waiting around the wall for snipers to show up, usually I do the kick taunt where you just put your leg up in the air and such, and then some GDI came around in the tunnels, I spotted them and tried to move and shoot because I was flailing my leg around at the time, but I noticed that I immediately shot without moving until the taunt properly finishes and somehow getting a headshot on darH or whatever his name is. So thought it was lag at first but I tested it out fully, you can actually shoot from behind the wall just by doing the kick taunt, but it only works when the corridor is on your right hand side. Sorry for the low quality, I don't have a good recording software but here are two examples of this taunt glitch (also features Dampertje killing me as Patch :P)
  10. And not only that, Nod can easily snipe into GDI base whereas GDI cannot do that as easily
  11. I live in Wiltshire
  12. You may have seen me around rencorner but I haven't properly introduced myself. Hello, I'm Forithow, I play video games, draw art stuff whenever I get commissioned and watch videos. I'm not the greatest player in Renegade since the last time I did play Renegade was back in 2010/2011 but I'm getting back to the swing of things this year and the latter half of 2016. Also hoping to play the minecraft server, but does that require whitelist? It's been so long since I played that game. I appeared to have made a lot of friends on the Renegade community. (And yes my icon is similar to those rawr emoticons)
  13. Yeah for me, Cairo is too big for me to handle and sort of confusing on how 3 base defences and 2 pp work, one time when I played the map, it was just GDI who had 1 agt and Nod who had con yard and it took forever to walk to nod base without getting sniped at. MetroTS, I really like that map, played it two times on rencorner now and I enjoyed it both times (although I only played as nod on that map but not GDI). As for Mines, I have no idea about that map, only played it once and it ended really quickly, so didn't have a chance to play on that map. I am interested at your guys opinion on the maps and look forward to seeing what maps are removed in the future as well as what maps will be added. c:
  14. Unfortunately I finally died due to Mr Ed so now I'm on a hunt for his blood, >:v
  15. I know this bug, this happens a lot with me. Basically on the previous game, you must've been using a sniper or ramjet rifle with scope zoomed in. When the game ends on the previous map with you still using the scoped view and switches to the next map, it will glitch up the third person camera view thinking that you are still using the scope even though you're clearly not, buying another sniper rifle on the next map to try and use the scope won't fix this issue. (And yeah, the only way to fix this is to rejoin)