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  1. i'm sao cute
  2. I've got a link for the stank right here. The med is still being finished.
  3. Lmao the ying yang skins eh... I hope nobody actually likes the look of those over vanilla ren. anyway, yeah I was hoping to keep posting to this topic keeping the thread short and simple, but i guess this is cool too lol. I might add that most of us have been playing long enough to know the skins you posted are out there on many websites still.
  4. lol thanks for the warm greetings. on a darker note.... happy Halloween ! BOO!
  5. Hey Rencorner! I have been working on some skins in my spare time and I haven't gotten around to posting my latest stuff everywhere. I can't get the med just how I want it yet... it's being a pain. Anyways here we are. Stank (demon horn [missile hood]) Thanks to mdK@ENGLAND@ for the Stank screenshot today. Medium Tank (m1 Abrams ) -Monkey / Anant
  6. thanks squaaaaaaad
  7. Hello, Rencorner ! I'm monkey. Im also known as anant... looking forward to meeting some of you guys that aren't ingame latelty... i got some skins for you guys to check out soon... what section should I post some screenies -Paul