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  1. Either curry or stir fry, depending on what's hiding in the cupboard :v
  2. Happy belated birthday!
  3. such a problame.. welcome back!
  4. This thread should really have ended at post #44 or, failing that, #61
  5. Outstanding thread, more worthy of a read than most of this forum ;p
  6. pm for linkz to 4.2 rgh ;o
  7. For some reason the HUD and some other stuff stopped working on Islands, the results actually look quite nice. Picture posted as a link because 'You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.' Got a folder of screenshots here. Turns out scoping has infinite zoom so I had to restart or turn myself over to shaitan's ban hammer. Not really worth reporting to TT as I have no reproduction steps except join field, play, load islands; if anyone has any fixes let me know!
  8. Who even takes a holiday to the UK? You've just missed our two days of summer, we're back to grey skies now
  9. I think Kanye would endorse the use of murica
  10. You'll need to check whether F10 is the right key to boot into BIOS. If you're running windows 8/10 in EFI mode, hold shift while restarting and before it powers off, your laptop should show a blue screen with EFI options (boot into EFI device, BIOS and windows recovery iirc)
  11. I love a good linux for that
  12. Hard drives still exist noob
  13. I downloaded a pr0n once. It was horrible...
  15. There's really no need to upgrade from windows 7, or windows 8 on a tablet unless you just like shiny new things