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  1. Niagra without snipers was great today, should be kept this way
  2. Wednesday was fun, but no snipers breaks the game too much. If we want to continue without sniper, some balance is needed. Mostly about orcas/apaches and teched arties.
  3. Hi, welcome back to ren life
  4. LOL Those skills around 1:30 when you keep repairing the building very professionally while holding the 'v' button.. gg
  5. My thinking process while was reading that comment: By writing 'game' he means Renegade, of course Nope, he wasn't referring to Ren Sorry, had to be said :( Thanks creed, that's a good idea. +1
  6. Since I wasn't in any of the above situations you were discussing, and creed hasn't replied with his side of the story, I don't have anything useful to say and wasn't about to. Unfortunately, a part in all of your statements demands a clarification: First of all, this is not our job. I know I'm not getting paid for moderating here, and I'm pretty sure nobody else does. Hence, this is not a job. I know I'm 'volunteering' here to keep Ren alive as long as possible, and making sure all the players in the server have the most fun as they can. I'm also sure this is basically the goal of the rest of the moderators in the team. Not saying there is a 100% success rate in doing so, but still. When a player thinks he is not enjoying the server as he should have, I'm always happy to hear his complains as long as it is been said in a constructive and a positive way. But if it's done in way I feel I don't get appreciated, I have no obligation what-so-ever to sit and listen to him. Mainly, because this is not my job, and he's not my boss. Please keep that in mind when you post here if you want your opinions to be taken seriously by us.
  7. I've immediately dealt with it in-game, I don't think this topic, the drama it will probably cause and the name calling are necessary.
  8. Thank you both, didn't know about that new command.
  9. Hi, Personally, I'm not a fan of all the sounds being played, but got used to it as long as people don't spam it too much. But there is !disablesounds for that so it was fine till recently. With the new added sound triggers - players joining and mostly kill sounds - it became unbearable IMO. The thing is !disablesounds doesn't disable those sounds either (at least the killing sound, not sure about player joining). So this topic is to understand how many are with me thinking !disablesounds should include those. Cheers
  10. @Learonys AKA XD_ERROR_XD threw enough c4s on me, I walked all the way from bridge to nod's pp in City, took it down (after our AGT was destroyed by an earlier s-rush) and paved the way to a GDI victory. I enjoyed that :)
  11. Bear map. 100% fun.
  12. 2-3 Hours should be enough, change rules every game to make the fun longer more ideas: - friendly fire on - racing (disclosure: Jelly's racing champ in one of the latest Spoonplex tribute days) - everything is stealth (inf and vehicles) - switch between nod's and GDI's vehicles (meaning, nod can buy mammoths etc) - double speed (or even more) for vehicles
  13. I strongly oppose the DNA drop. Increasing the chance of AOW is fair I guess, but I think some maps should have a better chance of being mara, especially maps without base defenses.
  14. Try to run the installer in compatibility for older windows version?