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    New donation from l00mpa

    Thanks a lot l00mpa!
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    S.O.S we need admins...

    Congratulations :)
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    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    Yeah, personally I had enough from EA. Won't be the first time to hype the C&C community with a new game and a new community-manager who seems to bring a new approach and whatever (TBH I have no complaints for these guys, it's just a job for them and it's fine, we just need to remember that). It can only end up with a 'decent' game (Generals, C&C3) or a big disappointment (everything else). Since it's a remastered, it might be decent C&C95 if they follow Westwood's game. For renegade, don't expect anything: I'm sure they are not interested in remastering this game, and even if they do it won't be better than RenX (which most of the people here hate). The only thing I give them a big credit for is the green-light for the fan games (openRA, RenX).
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    New donation from visara1

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    game download

    I think that with the ren CD, you can use another PC to copy+paste all the files and folder from the CD to a disk-on-key (or however you want to transfer files) and then to your new PC. Click the setup/install file and I think it should work.
  6. Itai795

    Synthfrax cheats

    mekily PMed me with this video before he uploaded it here. He was pretty calm about it and asked me to investigate it as another moderator suggested (in the game chat). I didn't feel he's a passenger in any hate bandwagon. mekily, thanks again for your time and effort with recording and editing this video.
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    New donation from JonRambo

    Thanks Jon!
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    Application(Solarsailts, thread split)

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