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  1. I've immediately dealt with it in-game, I don't think this topic, the drama it will probably cause and the name calling are necessary.
  2. Thank you both, didn't know about that new command.
  3. Hi, Personally, I'm not a fan of all the sounds being played, but got used to it as long as people don't spam it too much. But there is !disablesounds for that so it was fine till recently. With the new added sound triggers - players joining and mostly kill sounds - it became unbearable IMO. The thing is !disablesounds doesn't disable those sounds either (at least the killing sound, not sure about player joining). So this topic is to understand how many are with me thinking !disablesounds should include those. Cheers
  4. @Learonys AKA XD_ERROR_XD threw enough c4s on me, I walked all the way from bridge to nod's pp in City, took it down (after our AGT was destroyed by an earlier s-rush) and paved the way to a GDI victory. I enjoyed that :)
  5. Bear map. 100% fun.
  6. 2-3 Hours should be enough, change rules every game to make the fun longer more ideas: - friendly fire on - racing (disclosure: Jelly's racing champ in one of the latest Spoonplex tribute days) - everything is stealth (inf and vehicles) - switch between nod's and GDI's vehicles (meaning, nod can buy mammoths etc) - double speed (or even more) for vehicles
  7. I strongly oppose the DNA drop. Increasing the chance of AOW is fair I guess, but I think some maps should have a better chance of being mara, especially maps without base defenses.
  8. Try to run the installer in compatibility for older windows version?
  9. 30 minutes is too short in some maps. I understand it's ok for defensive maps like Under, Field and Hourglass. However, it makes no sense to me in City and Walls (ground and flying), and it's even ridiculous in Tomb, Complex and Canyon.. some games developed to be the a really enjoyable matches in those maps, but then time ends. In my opinion, we should try extend the time limit on some maps, or add a voting to increase time 2 minutes before it ends (However, votes shouldn't be cancelled if less than a third of the players had voted). And like mdogg has mentioned, I don't think there are many AOW fans playing anymore. At least it's my impression from the in-game chat when it's been changed to AOW with a good mara map. And I'm not saying remove AOW completely either.
  10. We need a bear island event.
  11. Thanks mdogg, fixed it for me.
  12. Yes! Thank you It also explains why I couldn't return to this menu, wasn't in a vehicle while trying to do so. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who didn't know about this :x
  13. Hi everyone I'm playing Ren for 15 years, but from time to time you always find out something new about this game. Today, somehow, I manged to open some kind of a menu or a console while playing Ren. I have no idea how exactly I did it, probably pressed some buttons, but that weird console popped up, and I've never seen it before. It happened for a brief of a second, probably because I pressed another button. Because it stayed on my screen for a short time, I only caught a glimpse of it. It looked kind of like the team status window (by holding J) but didn't cover the entire screen (it was in the middle of the screen and I've seen the game itself outside that window). It showed my character icon (was a hottie) and I think the players' names, maybe it was some kind of chat or private message window. I've asked some people in-game about it, but nobody knew what I was talking about. Any ideas? I'm not referring to team status (holding J), building status (K) or server info (L). Thanks.
  14. I think this is a good idea worth testing. It doesn't change the game mechanics and balances, while still might give some insights and make the weaker weapons somewhat more useful. Generally speaking, unlimited ammo balances the game and keep the infantry useful. I don't remember infantry were fun in the limited ammo days, except for base defense purposes. Also, like masscarriers as pointed out, thank you Shai for the work on those little tweaks. I believe changing some of the mechanics once in a while, without changing the usual ren feel is what keeps RC appealing to many players over the years.