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  1. yes nod lost :P becouse gdi wordked awsome together :D
  2. :) no problem i just needed to donate some time to rencorner to help
  3. Dont blame us when ip adres is muted blame mr.ed
  4. there is just one solution for him did we give him change to change yes we did allot. i think it times to end it forever. mutes not work kicks not work bans not work now. i know there is one solution to end this problem behavior. Forever ban & forum & mirc. no giving changes
  5. i can eat this, bake it in a pan and nom nom nom @Peshmerga
  6. there you go @Peshmerga
  7. Windows Remix :D
  8. lol :P yes i know your lazy missme
  9. haha yes cool he :D maybe im one
  10. Sometimes everyone needs to clear his mind a bit, to stop thinking. Or just chil what do you do? i just listing to music ;) and just chill around one of my fav song : Its remind me of things in the past.. what Clasic music do you listen to think
  11. lol u can add own coller to if for you i sugjest pink collor :D
  12. thats not vaping:P i using an E-cig
  13. Bahaha 27:P
  14. I just Bored :P so i wil ask every one who is an VAPER schow your best clouds :P i show you mine
  15. It is save to post an IP Adres if u dont have open port to the outside world. :P remote desktop, server, ftp etc but better you send it full to private message