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  1. This is my application for Advanced Creative, by me, KingVector11. Questions / Answers : In game name / KingVector11. Plot coordinates / XYZ : -775 66 274 \\\ ID: -9,4 Hidden areas: I haven't made any hidden areas in my plot. Although there is one place underneath the police station that has all the supplies needed to... well to do police business. It's not that hidden really. (It's hidden only for civilians who enter through the front door. Employees may only access the back door made of iron and may also access the supply room). Besides that, I haven't thought about making much hidden rooms.
  2. This is my application for Trusted, by me, KingVector11. Questions / Answers : Your first name / Victor Lednow Your in game name, also include any other names you use. / KingVector11 Your age is? / 15 (May 22nd) Where you are from? / St. Lin Laurentides, Quebec, Canada. How long you have been playing Minecraft? / Since Beta 1.5_01 until the latest update. Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? / No. How did you find Rencorner / Online, after searching on Google 'minecraft servers' Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? / Terraria, although I went on the Terraria RenCorner server only once. Extra: I have read most of the rules of the server, and I agree that I should respect those around me (and myself), and to not use any mods/hacks/etc. to give myself an unfair advantage. I have never used any hacks or mods for Minecraft single player (except a mod called 'Pixelmon', but it was only on another laptop, but due to technical problems, all information on that laptop was reset to scratch about 4 or 5 months ago so I can no longer play Pixelmon) and/or multiplayer. I will try my best to read and remember all of the rules on the RenCorner forum so that I avoid breaking them. I will ask Admins or staff of RenCorner questions about my concerns, yet I will not complain if I'm not answered. However, I am still going to school from September (1st - 3rd or 5th) to June (5th - 20th, but I will, or might, go on the server when all my exams are done and when I return home, and some of these days will have my exams, and others will not but I will study for the exams until my last day. I may also rarely show up one day during these months, and I may also show up during somewhat long weekends/breaks, like December 18th - 21st until January 6th, and other days).