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  1. I asked this guy to leave place (he is too noisy) but he said no. It looks like maical wants to grief again.
  2. Griefing and there`s no way to communicate because he doesn`t speak English.
  3. Some screenshots of spam. ( I was too lazy to make more)
  4. I can`t don`t post this topic. Please stop events like Solar Eclipse,Blood Moon and Martian Madness. Note: they can start also if five players want. Stop events on server 1 please. 1) They`re useless on free item server. 2) This creatures will annoy you when you build. Is there a way?
  5. After wipe I build this: ______________________________________________ But there are old protections what locking most building places. Is there a way to remove them and make building easier? Thanks.
  6. When I told him stop this,he told he speak English bad. I told him on his native language but he ignored me. I tried to tell him what happen if he don`t stop to Sans understood it. Sure,no! He advertised it again and again... Sure,to build together on his server!
  7. My friend never broke rules. Thanks for you make him vip :)
  8. Sir,your application is so funny as you.
  9. Nice job,Jelo. He`s possesed racist,spammer,insulter. I think,just permban can help because he said: [17:20] <&RCterraria> (Default) <Ultrabrix> ELECTRO I DONT CARE
  10. This insulter,spammer,CAPS GUY,server advertiser annoyed me and other players! Screenshots: ______________________________________________________________________
  11. YEA! They spammed,insulted! Also read there:
  12. TheOrangeGeek 1) bad language 2) many spam 3) maybe,haxer jsharp21 1) many spam 2) bad language 3) CAPS LOCK ENABLED AND WASN`T DISABLED WHEN I ASKED! chyvak 1) many spam 2) bad languare (Attention: I told him "stop spam" on his native language (You`ll not see it on screen) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots (there was bad language by Cheat_Guy,TheOrangeGeek and jsharp21 but I`m too lazy to make so many screenshots _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: When I prepared this topic,they spammed much more. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Hello guys! I checked 1.3.4 and found NEW boss and his music theme!
  14. It`s bigger problem if you`re not in this time zone.