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  1. What why ... that's just silly it's part of renegade and it's strategies.
  2. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  3. Thank you!
  4. We are taking bets to see how long Woj will last any takers.
  5. The Server just crashed?

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    2. Qjmatrix1


      um yea i watched it go down when i logged in,... must of been my fault


    3. BigWrench


      Its back up


    4. WNxM45T3R


      Blacky, your powers of observation are invaluable the the community! <3


  6. Thought I would share. This is how serious I'm about data management. All of Renegade and Rencorner rests on these scared drives! I just reinstalled my os and complete system and with my setup that takes a lot of time. Basically why I haven't been around, slowly configuring my new setup. This is my fresh install desktop with all the renegade bits and doom lol.
  7. so Rusty
  8. Happy Birthday.
  9. Thank you!
  10. Awesome just seen this. How far along are you.
  11. Haha Dank memes.
  12. Yea that's it War in Norway. That's basically the first server I ever played in the Demo on GameSpy Arcade. Both Volcom and I. That turned into the RxD Community at some point. Some old gsa screenshot with Mr.Bones!!!!!!! War in Norway, weed4all was ingame Clan war with the founder of RenegadeX Fobby (not in demo) RxD 4.0 Screenshot background was blue in RxD. THC clan
  13. @Volcom what did weed4all call his servers on demo. Vipeax had some for a while. Who else hosted servers back then. Did Gamespy have any official demo servers then I cant even remember.
  14. John aka Blacky aka The Wrench.
  15. WOW thank you.
  16. I just bought × 2 brand new AC1200 routers for $15 each on clearance at walmart of all places. I almost bought all of them I couldn't belive it. They had some wireless n routers as well for $8. Idk if all walmarts are doing this but check out the clearnce room.
  17. I played a few games with weps off and it was a lot more enjoyable. AOW walls was a lot of fun where we where nod and only had ref and gdi had the barracks, pp, and the whole nod team was working together to defend the base and get enough money to use !tank. Keep in mind it was only 45 minutes. We where able to save enough to buy 4 lights each light was 3600 credits. Then took out the gdi base because they couldn't use weapon's command and caused less weapon circulation with backpacks even when they had bar. I was thinking on AOW maps have !weps off and marathon maps have it on. No DNA or other change. I agree but gonna leave it 45 for a while. MPF is a mess and has no Balance. Zunnie left it that way when he left. Imperial age is a lot better but still has balance issues but actually looks good because of Yap . dblaney and Yap where showing all the stuff they have been doing and everything they have made over the years and they have some cool stuff. Like all the buildings scripts, animations. It took over 2 days for them to show me everything they been working on.
  18. Haha. Don't look at his eyes he might eat your soul.
  19. Thanks!
  20. Thank you!
  21. Hi

    Hello Rob welcome back.
  22. The One
  23. ohhh no look who dusted off 3DS Max/Renx Messing around with the Bump Environment to make a realistic ice reflection. I think it looks rather good.
  24. I think we should lower it to 35 lol