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  1. No clue but I want to find out haha
  2. I thought I was too old to watch dragon ball. But Recently been re watching the original dragon ball. Lol.
  3. I haven't looked at the code in a while but there should already be an option already to triple the cost when bar/hon and pp die. If there isnt I will add one. That code hasn't been changed in like 4 years. I want Vanilla ice cream but most people don't like Vanilla. I forget about the weapon commands all the time lol.
  4. Welcome.
  5. I noticed a bunch of bad links out there also.
  6. I'm down to add a bunch of new maps to the rotation. I just fixed a big problem I had with RxD and I'm excited for everyone to play on my City_Flying_RxD map.
  7. Awful. He had over 30 guns. Was on a suicide mission.
  8. Well good news I fixed the RxD preset plague with fire and brimstone! There is hope.
  9. You know that's her thing
  10. Your tank looks broken your using it wrong lol.
  11. It hasn't been needed as of late thanks to everyone. I have 10tb of storage on my computer its rediciolus.
  12. Hacks! Better then Chris
  13. I wouldn't lol
  14. Thank you dude. I have paid like 1/3 of the server bills for a whole year!!!!!
  15. Hi Maks. You advantage skin using mother fucker but welcome back your are an asshole. Hows the car?