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  1. Possibly could be in Reavers pack. Or put Rackz to work!!!!!!!
  2. Fixed
  3. You better have backups!!!
  4. Value is in eyes of the beholder.
  5. woa 9k kills. Do you have the time stamp when that happened
  6. It will only download the sounds you dont have. If your ttfs has a bunch of junk. There is now a built in client command since 4.3 'CLEANUP' Recommend doing this for anyone that plays on multiple servers specially mpf. While ingame type f8 or ` and type CLEANUP Their is also command CLEARTTFS that deletes everything Don't do this or you will be downloading 750mb next time you join.
  7. Na you can still 2 man wall jump.
  8. yea that's exactly what was done an invisible wall with no edges put in front of the wall. Stopping people from jumping on the edge of the wall. Your right I could just destroy the spawner or move it's position without editing the map. Might do that for the time being.
  9. The bad spawn point on field was fixed a long time ago plus 1 man wall hope and other things. Unfortunately it has not made it the server because of issues with the RxD objects file I ran into. I have to redo the temp objects that all RxD maps use and recompile every single map ( that's a few hundred renegade presets ). I have made some progress with the new build and hope to get it out soon.
  10. You know it! Download my shit. yea combined all the sounds to together into one mix file. no one was downloading any maps but the sounds package used by those maps. the file is actually 488 MB but most of you already had some of them so you download what you didn't have which was like 400mb for most. ra1 music 78.8 mb , cnc95 music 276 mb, rxd sounds 100mb, Other rencorner sounds Total of 1,964 Sounds In hind sight I should of lowered the audio quality so the files where not so big. There is only 39 cc95 tracks and its 276 MB Just wait until the new RxD build lol
  11. The Bird
  12. There is not if you use wine you can tho. Recommend using linux. Install wine on Mac os Install TT
  13. Sup raven
  14. What why ... that's just silly it's part of renegade and it's strategies.
  15. Thank you!!!!!!!!