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  1. Well hello elloguy even you showed up nice to see ya. I still have some of the original rxd scripts like the ion storm / nuke crate.
  2. power overwhelming
  3. Yea XP was fine the way it was. It did everything I wanted. I knew where everything was and how everything worked. Then they had to fuck with it. Soon I will be forced to go to 10. Windows 10 does have cool useful stuff tho. Still not fan especially the new license agreement.
  4. Windows 7 support end's 2020.
  5. Sounds about right. It has been 8 - 10 years haha.
  6. Very nice Slave. How much RxD stuff do you still have?
  7. Happy Birthday Wet Dog
  8. Hi Zuess!
  9. Behold the original creator of the Pimp weapon's.
  10. I'm not a big fan of mars. Changing the gravity on a map is super laggy. There is a way to update it the clients so it looks smooth with tt.ini. it's nice to play every once in a while. Players should be able to use !poll nextmap <map> to vote for any map installed on the server. I'm going to add a !rate command for every map so we know who likes what. I like metro that is one of aircraft killers better maps. I think fjford should be one the server but not in the rotation. It might all ready be installed idk. I agree to take out sand_rxd it does kill the server. I love that map as well as Artic, and gobi. All dm maps should be removed I'm afraid. I have fixed that weird aim glitch on siege_rxd I'm pretty sure. If I get my butt in gear with the new RxD build there will be. city_rxd hourglass_rxd flying siege_rxd canyon_rxd fixes uphill_rxd fixes You will no longer need to dl the light map fixes for field and islands field_rxd islands_rxd gobi_rxd niagra_rxd volcano_rxd baracade fix, Might also make volcano flying. This does not mean they will all be in the rotation. There is a TT setting to remember the current map in the rotation so if the server restarted it would continue the rotation instead of starting from the beginning. Would be useful if we had a large rotation.
  11. Yea you really don't have to go through that much trouble. Just change the logo to a picture of trunks or some kind of signature. I saw dblaney mentioned that on rf. Ren lighting is crap but there are tricks to it. As long as you checked vertex solve should be good tho. When I ran through the map did not notice many lighting issues.
  12. Shai changed the server port from 5000 to 5001 if I Rember correctly. So check that your using the right port.
  13. Cool maps pretty sure I have seen both. Guess you where making these maps over at mpf back then? You still have max/gmax files and level files? Would like to remove the mpf logo if that's acceptable and change the wall texture on backstab. Could see that map have some interesting games.
  14. Should be able to make any map work with the TT packageeditor with some tender loving care. Like snowfight and all those maps I can get them working.
  15. Hi Trunks! Welcome back! Renegade missed you.