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  1. slave??? am i asleep for this... is this a dream???
  2. shhh raptors
  3. HE SPEAKS!!!
  4. true but what about snipers.. that's honestly why i like it... for those fucking wall huggers i should be warning and then 24 hour... but i wanna play not sit there and be an ass... im already an ass lol... i just wanna qkick the asshole afks and dumb ass people who annoy everyone in game.... but i get you... there have been times i was sniping and get hit with that dumb gun... that one your right i can deal without as long as i still got pimp grenade launcher
  5. I've been told you.. This script is what I use to get in
  6. Shai you are awesome
  7. remove pimps? Why tho.... Its so fun lol... Everyone is against pimps.. If we constantly go back to classic hardly anyone is gonna play... Some like pimp weapons... But they dont like sand... Therw are days I log in and no ones there.... Turns out the map before was sand .... Everyone left... In the quickness.... Leave the weapons and this time make an option for sand like mars !sand... !nosand becahse then players will decide if an ancient map might be good for a change.. I agree about the huge rotation.... Different maps might be useful .... I dunno.... I've read most of the posts here... Lets see what happens.... Ultimate decision is left up to the server operators and owner... So hopefully out voices get heard (not like they don't) :-)
  8. sounds like someones gonna have some fun LMAO
  9. you still play... stop lying <&RCAOW> [BR] rackz was last seen on this server 3 hours 28 minutes and 7 seconds ago
  10. wait ... you mean i dont have to use the defult one... all this time... been not caring what it looks like
  11. just a thought... to protect people like moderators or actual in-game players too.. i think this bashing crap has gone on long enough... i think it needs to go... i know ive done some in the past... (headshot and recent ehh) but i think im just gonna start ignoring people unless im in-game and they need me to moderate fine... but this bashing.. name calling.. and rude comments are not ok... most of us are adults.. if not were young adults... and us older adults need to remember how we were treated when we had our family or friends do the same exact thing to us when we were younger... so lets just kill it now... put it in the past start fresh with: reminding ourselves where we came from, how we want to be treated vs. how we actually get treated. we had most of our staff here this summer.. and it was peaceful no one hardly banned anyone... we are not at full strength but we are fully capable of maintaining the same cool all year long by remember were adults... we dont need anymore rules added... if we continue bashing im sure the higher ups will give us another rule that moderators have to be asses to.... just a reminder to in-game players.... we like playing too... and with that said thats why some of us have other names we join on so that we only have to play instead of listening to everyone say he/she is cheating
  13. WAIT !!!!! I think i found a solution.... i was lagging since the last 3 patches when i plugged my laptop in directly to my wifi box i got perfect connection and it lags WAAAAYYYYY less have you tried that solution?
  14. dude... still laughing... thats won comback of the year