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  1. i was just thinking about ya...... smokin this blunt... picturing me shootin you in the head on snipe server.... ahhh the days


  2. Qjmatrix1

    Apparantly Renegade is dead :p

    @Skilz we adopted it... and then bought stock... we got famous overnight.... LOL... jk.... i was there lol
  3. snerip


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    2. Qjmatrix1


      nah... your the n00b.... you never play anymore... even manny still plays....

    3. u00fzTar


      mdogg i wanna snip u rly hard

    4. mdogg1108


      I’m addicted to rocket league matrix :( u00f you can snip me whenever you want #bryan

  4. Qjmatrix1

    December renegade promotions

    Congrats Dante
  5. Qjmatrix1

    anyone still play this?

    Does anyone even play this game anymore? or did it fall off
  6. Qjmatrix1


  7. Qjmatrix1


    well just do what you can to log in during the day...
  8. Qjmatrix1

    RenCorner Mod Tools V2.5

    TBH i think this should be a sticky.... I use this mod tool often ... infact almost know everything about it.... but i feel it should be a sticky and not a post
  9. Qjmatrix1

    IRC Public Channels

    does the counterstrike server still exist... only curious cause i was gonna look at some old games
  10. Qjmatrix1


    ya when you USE to play.....
  11. Qjmatrix1


    OMFG!!!!! WELCOME GLEN!!! hope we dont get those 2 mixed up.. will be kinda easy since they have different ingame names
  12. Qjmatrix1


    POSTED! we will let you know in about a week GOOD LUCK!!!
  13. Qjmatrix1


    POSTED!... you should have an answer in about a week... BEST OF LUCK GLEN!!!!!
  14. Qjmatrix1

    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    BOOOOYAAAA!!! count my ass in for this!!!!