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  1. IM THE ONE WHO TOLD HIM TO POST THAT IN THE FORUMS SO I COULD SEE WHAT BRIAN WAS SAYING... with that note... i feel he SHOULD NEVER EVER be let back in.... you can say that to anyone in game then you dont need to be in this server... fuck brian ,.... that train he rode in on had an accident with me... i removed the tracks.... i hate.... HATE racisim!
  2. all the people from every old server.... coming together to create a wonderful community... i love RC... i wish @liquidv2 would come in game once in a while stop by just to say hi.... this is a great community.. and i still cant say this enough... im happy to be apart of it!!!
  3. @dronez4
  4. Happy birthday jesse!!!!!!! Your getting old :) enjoy today not everyday you turn 90
  5. MIKEY.. your still young... no way your older than me... i have shoes still to this day older than 1992
  6. I don't tolerate racism.. not one bit... But yes what you said is over the line something's should be said and some should be kept with friends or to yourself.. this is the same Iran from jelly... He did have his points where he got a long with everyone... But don't get me wrong the government in the middle East isn't the best.. people there would begged for the same life an Englishman has. . but since we can't all be rich happy and go lucky .. then there is a balance for everything... Getting muted is the luckiest thing that could happen to you.... For what you said one cannot just expect someone to forget . Some of the team on rencorner server are English one of them happens to be my good friend .. dronez4... I think if an apology was given and it should be felt that the unmute might come off... Or aid them dude.. once you get to know them I'm sure minds will be changed... Rencorner could always use more people to help out making the game fun... Just no more douche bags .. remember all of you are... My "neighbors"!!!! Manuel you know what this truly means .. I avoided a ban and or mute from this saying till Manny and Got2bRoni showed me the video... And look I still made half mod;
  7. no your a smart ass... its ok so am i .... i come by it honestly
  8. my first was n00bstories... then jelly.... was awesome... loved n00bstories... but when they shut down i was sad... then had to play on jelly
  9. nice to meet you matt
  10. smoking some purple goo... and no one to share it with

    1. rackz


      Im right here

    2. Qjmatrix1


      I would love to!!!

    3. dronez4


      drugs is badddd mkay

  11. MANNY!!! thats your real name!!!! FUCKING AWESOME... and we got Casey too... all were missing is the other 5 people from the crew.... and if none of you get it ... you should all be shot
  12. Its come to my attention that i barely know your names... so i wanted to say hi .... and that my name is Quincy.. whats yours - and jess dont be a smart ass
  13. looking through tor forum i seen this..... so i thought id share this:
  14. which means hes still playing lol just doesnt want to let us know who he is
  15. omg liquid!!!