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  1. Qjmatrix1

    Renegade - This app can't run on your pc

    renegade.>ttscripts done ... im running win10 64 laptop... so should have no problem for you
  2. Qjmatrix1

    Whats your name

  3. Qjmatrix1

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    he taught me how to sbh nuke ped without being seen..... i will miss him... this is no good.. we had a lot of memories together.... and did some stupid late night shit... ill miss you zunnie
  4. Qjmatrix1

    Backed by Popular Demand

    cj all the admins see is you actually calling people names when we in force the rules... logging back in isn't that hard.. why are you complaining about us doing our job... you go off talk a bunch of shit then expect us to let you do what you do being hella rude. i am personally tired of it and stop playing when i see you come in to avoid your bs... PLEASE STOP
  5. Qjmatrix1

    Moderator Consistency

    you know what cj or what ever your name is, that word got a few people banned from the server... and you should pick your battles buddy.. I've muted you for a week before for this shit.. and if i gotta do it again fine... this word is not ok to say because of the context you choose to use it in... try using an insult that doesn't touch sensitive subjects!
  6. Qjmatrix1

    Whats your name

    Nice to meet you Matt
  7. Qjmatrix1

    iB-mdogg1108 gets away with racism?

    .... OK now ill say something.... well any intent on the "N" word isn't cool TBH.... and at the same time the more you use a word the less power it has.... its the way the word is sad add an er at the end i don't care what race you are... it shouldn't ever be done.... and the fact that it gets said is stupid honestly its a word in the dictionary that states an ignorant person.... so who gives a fuck ... lets just not say the word at all... I've heard the word come out of a few peoples mouths on renegade.... and then boom they weren't banned but muted and given the reason why after.... at the same time I've heard some use it way too much and should be banned.,.. and if your talking about when mdogg say that... he apologized to me personally ... and first... before saying oops out loud... spent the entire day apologizing .... and felt bad for ever and still does.... he can be hot headed at times... and definitely needs to learn to STFU sometimes... but he is well respected... all of you know this... otherwise this tread wouldn't be here.. we wouldn't be talking about him and angry he said something.... so my thoughts to those who are crying about this shit... STFU...... stop crying its fine... let that shit go warn his ass take steps that everyone else has to follow... warn, mute, ban,... and don't have a moderator or lower do it.... but other than that... he can apologize for his shit... we all can... its called tuck your balls and open your fucking mouth
  8. Qjmatrix1


    they gave you a birthday.... damn... they told you.... well then happy birthday
  9. Qjmatrix1

    2018-01-28 Birthdays

    happy late birthday :)
  10. Qjmatrix1

    Greetings Everyone!

    hey fuzzy... I'm Qjmatrix1.. in here and in-game... im one of the locals... welcome to our pathetically slow as server.... be sure to start the coffee pot before getting on the forums its gonna take a while. nice to see another player from st0rm btw!!
  11. Qjmatrix1

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    add me to the maybe list
  12. Qjmatrix1

    Frozen has past away

    damn.... rest in peace!!
  13. Qjmatrix1

    Dec. 2017 Renegade Promotions

    THANKS GUYS !!! im well more than excited
  14. Qjmatrix1

    Hey what did I miss?

    slave??? am i asleep for this... is this a dream???