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  1. just thought id let u all know that sean is a. . . http://gobarbra.com/hit/new-8c4abd6ccf609b973221c2c6e70fc1d9
  2. You are beautiful knighty poo <3
  3. Keep safe dude <3
  4. currently i have a wee suzuki marauder 125, got it for learning, but selling it for a suzuki intruder as ive passed my bike test =] this is it here:
  5. aye

    thank you for the welcomes etc =]
  6. how about keeping the current rotation and then, 1 or 2 extra 'wildcard maps' on the rotation that would change maybe every couple of weeks or once a month too keep a variety and interest in the server possibly even having a vote for which map/s go on the rotation next on the forums, whilst the previous 'wildcard' maps cannot not be repeated just a suggestion =]
  7. aye

    it was simply [CMPS.]Darr3n
  8. aye

    well my name is Darren, and instead of makin up a nick like everyone else does, i changed the e to a 3. . . im a genius to be fair
  9. What's on your mind? A Hat

  10. aye

    Hey guys im Darr3n 19, irish, male etc. . . used to play ren non stop but stopped a few years ago, was in clans like ~SOC~ [CMPS.] -=(MWV)=- etc nice to see some familiar names ingame still too. thought id come on and check how some of the guys i used to play with were and what do u know, im hooked to ren again, and got comofrtable in your lovely little server you have going here, some nice people on ts and ingame. cya all ingame <3