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  1. ChriS

    S.O.S we need admins...

    What about me
  2. ChriS

    Field game yesterday

    no, thats actually me.. still no fuction to like my own post´s ;(
  3. ChriS

    Field game yesterday

    Thanks man! Its just the right nutrition and i go to the gym 4-5 times a week one day is cardio thats usually on monday when everyone is hitting chest. When it comes to nutrition i only drink water and try to stay away from these fruit juices with shitload of suger in them even fruit sugar is not good for your body. Also 5 meals a day is very important to keep the metabolism running. I usually start my day with 100 push ups and 150 just to remember me that nothing is free in this world so i have to earn my breakfast. And before you pm me asking me " hey chris how does your workout look like i would like to smash some weights and gain some muscles like you buddy" its pretty simple. Change is the key to maximise your gainZ, every 4 weeks i change my workout routin. I usually try to keep the weight low and the reps high that way you get more blood in the muscle so you get a better pump and feel like a demigod and you also spare your joints but when it comes to the 3 core exercises ( benchpress, deadlift and squad ) you forget everything i just wrote and better put on some heavy ass weight. Just a tip, the louder you scream while lifting the weight, the lighter it gets and more important is a training buddy that motivates you with words like: ALL YOU BUDDY!!!, THINK ABOUT ALL THE GAINZ YOU ARE GETTING FROM THIS LIFT BRO, COME ON DUDE KILL THESE 140KG, its important that he also screams while you lift the weight this way you both will get to a state where you cant stop lifting and no matter how heavy the weight is it will feel like you and your buddy can kill it together..... thats how a nose of cocain must feel like but hey we are better, we can reach that state without any drugs just with some heav ass weight. That way you also have the chance to get the attention from a very rare hungry femal lurking around in the free weight section cause usually they sit around in the maschin section take´n some photos for there instagram. If you got her attention and she noticed how fucking heav you just lifted go to her and ask her if she wants to go out with you after you finished your workout, she will try to look you in the eyes but lucky for you, you just bought a new tanktop and you wear it today so she cant resist it and will look at your pumped up muscles GOD SHE EVEN SMELLS ALL THE TESTOSTERONE THAT YOU AND YOUR BUDDY ARE SPREADING TO THE AIR... and before she even knows, she is in your bed riding you like a horse. After you are finished with her, dont forget to drink a little extra protein shake cause you just lost some.
  4. ChriS

    Field game yesterday

    Some clips from the field game yesterday. Not sure if its only blocked in the EU so here is a downloadlink i am just too lazy to change the music :D http://www.mediafire.com/file/6m5bdhq3ymhx0k6/Mein_Film.mp4/file
  5. ChriS

    New but old

    H I
  6. ChriS

    mr.ed again

    He does things like that to me all the time its the first time i recorded it today. Usually he blocks me everywhere he can, puts c4 on me so i cant see shit, pushes me around corners
  7. ChriS

    New Rotation

    and nerf these pimped mines its crazy how much damage they do to tanks
  8. ChriS

    I'm back bitches

  9. ChriS

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Mikey my sexy boi
  10. ChriS

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Server crash inc!
  11. ChriS

    Hey what did I miss?

    Pimped ramjet?