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  1. I wish i could like my own post
  2. After watching it i touched my well trained body a few times and now there is that white sauce on my keyboard that wont get away can anyone help me
  3. You can donate, they will use your donation to improve the forums
  4. Has anyone seen my left sock? I cant find it
  5. But i always get mean pm´s when i play with my name
  6. Man all the old introsongs from dragonball and dragonball z still pump me up. These memories
  7. Still looked weak against jiren... cant wait for Hit to show his true power
  8. Yeah as much as i like Sand it should be removed it makes most of the ppl leav the game
  9. Add Siege
  10. First remove Sand
  11. cant wait for under to nuke the agt on top
  12. Double the ammo in the magazin of sniper rifles and make 500€ sniper twice as fast