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  1. Double the ammo in the magazin of sniper rifles and make 500€ sniper twice as fast
  2. Yeah sure but pleas just 2-3 hours
  3. So jumping out to shoot inf is still allowd i hope. I guess the next rules we will see is that its not allowd to snipe in NOD base on canyon since i already got warned for it LOL
  4. Did not help :( Downloaded the scripts now again for the 5th time
  5. Thats the message i get when i want to join game2 2017-08-11 14-07-03-80.bmp
  6. ya, we wasted too much time on city fly with that stanks ;(
  7. yooooooooooooo send me displays facebook name in an pm pleas.......... thanks in advance !!!
  8. i think m45t3r did this years ago
  9. Reading your name reminds me of this.
  10. Maybee
  11. Finally
  12. I dont like it
  13. Is that you running ??????????
  14. Yep