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  1. This is my definition of invsihugging: when one hugs really fast and the server lag makes it so they don’t show up on opposing player(s) screens sometimes . There is a correct and consistent way to do it; I don’t know if it was fixed by 4.0. I never learned how to do it. The point is, there is a difference between blatant and non-blatant invisihugging. Blatant is intentionally using the method, and the other is unintentional lag shooting. You can’t tell someone to hug slower.
  2. You should've hit him in the head so he couldn't quit in time ayy lmao I quit to avoid death a long time ago on Jelly when I cared so much about KD. I got in trouble and haven't done it since.
  3. The weapon command just ruins the balance of the game. Don't get me started on the pimp guns.
  4. Does the new command disable mad sounds?
  5. Make sure you aren't alone in a med on a map where there are helis or you can shoot them down before they get close. If the pilot is decent, fall back.
  6. There's a low chance of NS coming back. Crimson said on the forums that she backed up the server and maybe one day she'll bring it back. But who would play there if it were back on the server list? It wouldn't be worth it. People today prefer the modifications.
  7. I couldn't play on RenGuard servers 10 years ago because it would crash my desktop, which was worse than a piece of shit. I don't even know how I got !forcerg'd back then. I was complete shit. I must've hs'd someone twice by accident and they !typed !forcerg tekgunman or whano123 (whichever name I had on WOL) with the quickness. It could've also been my bro who got forced.
  8. Matt
  9. I've never liked the !tank command either. If a team loses their vehicle production facility, there has to be a consequence. If they didn't want that consequence, they should have defended properly. Meds and lights can make a comeback easily especially if the drivers are good. With the original points system, people receive too many points for dealing damage. A med or mammy got 9 points for every shot landed on an arty. I remember many people used to fire at the harvester in the beginning for some easy points instead of c4ing it. They got many points for doing little damage. I like the pointsfix. I was used to the original system on Jelly Marathon, but it only took a little while to warm up to the pointsfix.
  10. Increase the AOW time limit to 45 on all AOW maps. That looks like a decent compromise because it doesn't look too short or too long a duration. I don't notice a difference in playstyle or playing ability in AOW vs marathon. People are still bad regardless. People should be working harder in AOW to beat the other team because they will also be working hard too. The problem is people are so used to doing nothing or being bad in marathon while other people do most of the work.
  11. I have always loved Field. It takes teamwork and knowledge to control the field. It's a map where tankskill matters. I know the map is biased towards Nod, but I like the challenge playing as GDI on the map.
  12. Isn't hourglass flying the one where you can get into both pp's from the tunnel? It looks better than hourglass. Land was fixed 2 years ago by Xpert I think. We should keep metro then and add metropolis. I like both. Please never add carnage club again. Also, niagra is ass
  13. Add Hangman's Canyon, Metropolis, Land, the desert map with the secret weapon, fix Siege, Hourglass_Flying To not have too many city maps, remove MetroTS.
  14. Congratulations! How long can a mod be inactive before they get the boot?
  15. At least I'm safe inside my mind