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  1. Welcome back!
  2. The @Evie squad will be there!
  3. I will be there sounds fun:)
  4. ana+genji = @Evie and me
  5. Genji
  6. Love tracer
  7. MLGroy
  8. i kinda noticed people leaving when new maps are coming up, But the skip system works perfectly :3
  9. @u00fzTar sleeping @ehh nah it's good :) i don't scope from long range and this helps me haha
  10. Oh god, Missing the server already i'll survive!
  11. it finally worked, thanks @Goztow
  12. @Goztow i tried check this out https://www.twitch.tv/cutepuma0/v/111528154
  13. Thankyou @Goztow now my game just wont open :( i start the game but it instantly closes..
  14. Hi. So i tried re-downloading renegade yesterday by the thoughts of it would only take me 5 mins, But i found out that the 4.2 download link is down so i tried asking manny if he had the download or knew what to do so he ended up sending me a file that should automatically download 4.3 or 4.2 (not sure) but that never worked, So my question is does anyone have the download still in his download folder if so could you send me that on the forums or anywhere you like, Just PM me :) that would be very much appreciated! I would love to play haha i was just enjoying the game again.
  15. wish this got taken more seriously by @Manuel857 to bad you were not in the 50+ game good sir. you would love it!