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  1. hi

    hi im azure idk why i didnt make this earlier so its quite useless lol
  2. agree lol but congrats anyway, AAAAQQQQEEEEAAAAZZZZS
  3. I'm not receiving the email that it says it sends
  4. How do i change my password?
  5. wait i'm such dumb, i just needed double click it on the taskbar
  6. My IRC isn't oppening
  7. 1) What is your real name? I don't want be giving away my name out the internet, security nowadays... 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one aswell! Azure 3) How old are you? I don't want be giving out my age, same reason from the first question (what's your real name) 4) What country and region are you from? I don't want be giving out my country, that's going be a huge security hole. 5) How long have you been playing terraria? 870 hours in total (i just opened Terraria, pressed shift + tab and seen) 6) How did you find our server? Terraria server list 7) How long have you been playing in it? 2 days (i'm quite new, yeah?) 8) Why do you want VIP? I want more space to build, because in /warp default i only have 5/10/20 blocks to build something, i want portal gun and cool tags.