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  1. Winter is already here
  2. im hungry for pizza, who wants some?
  3. CAUSE its the best shit ever, His energy was depleted thats why he was defeated, he didn't look weak. Hit has no true power, he can only evolve for few seconds.
  4. I would like to hear creed's side of the story.
  5. Anyone saw episode 109-110, IT WAS EPIC!! Like literally the best thing ever. Goku turning ultra instinct was the best transformation ever!!
  6. I say don't make any new modifications, leave it as it is. Rackz is right people are leaving.
  7. also add the boogers
  8. happy b'day bad gurl!!!

    1. bad2gurlz


      Thanks Sappy!!

    2. mdogg1108


      Happy Birthday gurlz 2 bad.

    3. bad2gurlz


      thanks mate

  9. G1D YO
  10. damn
  11. Fuck superman, IRONMAN ALL THE WAY!!!
  12. Well done Itai, also bubba calling him fag was unnecessary.
  13. You can take 3rd, 2nd is mine ;)
  14. lol Joe, you getting old if you didn't realise I was being a sarcastic. I know wyld lol.
  15. Joe owns these streets. Who's this Wyld dude?? Never heard of him ;)