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  1. Last Man Standing WOULD BE EPIC!!!
  2. Hell this would be fun. 1) Friendly fire on 2) Wall hopping, flaming vehicle. 3) racing 4) CARNAGE CLUB BITCH 5) Helies on non-fly maps. 6) Make 1 map/game stealth. Meaning everything is stealth, vehicles and char and you can't change it. I imagine running into sbhs everywhere 7) switch gds/nod vehs
  3. This. Would be hard to moderate, although i'll do it.
  4. Im in
  5. IMM SOOO SORRRRYYYYY!!!! FUCK! my neighbourhoods entire network blew out, I tried everything to get in game but I couldn't. Maybe next time.
  6. I'll be on an hour or 2 earlier on the marathon server, hit me up if you need help.
  7. No fun!!
  8. so if I get MVP*4 I get all the games??
  9. More like a constipated cat, which is drowning.
  10. meaning you have no idea!
  11. HOW MUCH????
  12. I see, but on average does it take 1gb for 5 hours play?
  13. Hi guys, My data package has always been unlimited downloading. I was wondering how much data is used while playing renegade. Lets say 5 hours as an average?
  14. Its pronounced OOOHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Get it right #TeamJessIsAMess
  15. *BUMP* Sorry forgot to update yesterday. Doctors gave me and my day 3 months recovery time. Its kid of a big deal for the recipants, knowing their liver is finally working perfectly and has been accepted. So yesterday was the last day of our 3 month recovery. Dad is almost fine, with some slight pain on the stitches. He's on heavy meds which include painkillers, thats the reason for his fast recovery, while me on the other hand the doctors stopped my pain killers 3 days after discharge so it took me a lot longer to heal. I still feel pain on the incision from time to time. Back pains alot for sitting all the time. Thought i should keep you guys updated.