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    → Killin bitches.
    → K.O'ing Flappy!
    → Annoying everyone.
    → Stealing Sean's stuff..

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  1. Sarah

    What was your first ever community?

    Display did you play on n00bless as uboomjr?! I remember that nick from then! And Rackz, what nick did you play on there? I actually miss the bot OnOeS from n00bless too That bot was brilliant!
  2. What was everyone's first community server that they joined and how did you find RenCorner? Mine was n00bless! I went on different servers as it just died suddenly and found Rencorner, can't stand MPF so this'll do till n00bless is back Can always wish, can't I?
  3. Sarah

    Whats your name

  4. What's on your mind, monkey butt?

  5. Sarah

    FunWar TODAY!!!

    I would if I wasn't in work
  6. You all suck :Demon:

  7. Sarah

    My ice-troduction :p

    Welcome ice!
  8. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Dronez4!

    Happy Birthday from me & Sean
  9. Sarah

    New Years Resolution

    My #1 Resolution is to stop spending money on things I don't need. Typical woman...
  10. Sarah

    Christmas Wish List

    I have what I want for Christmas
  11. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Shaitan!

    Happy Birthday Shainoob!
  12. Sarah

    League of Legends Pict's

    Same with mine